Bounty Update Mar 5th 2021


In order to provide the best possible experience for our most dedicated players, we’re making some slight adjustments to the upcoming Bounty Event on March 5th, 2021.

The active Bounty cap for this Event will be reduced from 20 to 15*. That means that you can have 15 active targets in your Alliance at one time. Once you have 15 targets available, no more can be summoned until the number of active targets is fewer than the cap of 15.

While this reduces the number of choices you may have at any given moment, it will help provide a smoother experience for all Alliances. We’ll also be limiting Bounty targets that require specific Heroes to give players a better chance to attack any targets in their queue.

Once the Event is over, let us know what you think!

The Hero Hunters Development Team

*For smaller Alliances with 1-10 members, the cap will be reduced from 10 to 8 active targets



can’t wait for the hunt, even though I’m pretty sure I’ll be carrying my alliance this time

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@Skathi what I’d like to see for changes in Bounty Summon is the availability of higher powered bounty. For example, I’d like to see less level 70 or less bounty and more level 99 or even bump it up to level 149. Summoning Bounty gets expensive and when you get a Level 45 summon after you get to the 90K range, it’s deflating. It ruins the overall experience.

Create a super bounty < gorgon or multiple bounties where it will take a concerted team effort to bring down >.

The current iteration of Bounty is pretty stagnant and reducing the # of bounty cap from 20 to 15 sounds like a step in the right direction, but an infusion such as Extreme Mode or CO-OP Bounty would go a long way.


Thanks for the feedback Pilfer! For now we’re focusing on making the experience smoother before adding any large changes to the mode, but we’re hoping to get some changes to bounty soon!


How does this make a smoother experience for all alliances? We have 25 members and if all were to be attacking bounties at the same time they would not be able to do so without doubling up. This also decrease the number available to be spawned by running missions and creates the need to spawn more with cash. There by hurting the smaller players that don’t Have the cash hoarded to spawn bounties.

This is another negative change to hot head game. When a focus could have been to add more bounty milestones or change the function of the game as above stated to a massive bounty that would drop items via each attack and take longer to kill.


I agree too many bucks to make the bounty … you can’t play the ruby ​​heroes


It could be to lighten the load on the servers, but this is just a guess.


Or they could increase their capacity and stop hindering the gameplay or requests of their community.

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In my opinion you have no idea what you are doing …


Can I offer a suggestion or a request, it would be nice to know how much each person spends on summoning. Not sure if that would overload the server or not but I’d like to see all the millions I spend after each bounty.


I’ve read it two times and still don’t understand how this makes bounty “smoother”. It’s like “We break your knees so you can run faster.”

What exactly is “smooth” about having less possibilities to hunt?


Lmao. Lovely imagery.
They basically have limited the numbers on the board as it’s less strain on the servers and disguised it as we are doing this for your benefit.


Less load on the server, I think a issue is also you guys have too many events going on at once and that lags things. As well as you drop new bundles right at war reset and that slows war down a lot and that sucks. Oh well I still love the game and I’ll play no matter what

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No comment really, 20 was low enough, especially when we keep getting low points bounties.
Ruby lv100+ bounties would make it smooth as well. But yeah.


Could be a reason. I would have written then “To reduce server load and to reduce bounty loading time and/or reduce bounty connection problems etc.”
That would have been clear.

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Here is my feedback and opinion.

I would understand that the goals are reduced from 20 to 15, because the server is constantly going down and Bounty is at times hardly a game board. However, this is not listed as an argument.

But I don’t understand this change now. An international alliance that has players in different time zones may still distribute this well. Few active alliances or average allis will hardly notice it. But as a national alliance BD1, which has been top 25 in Bounty for months, you will now be punished for your activity! New players and new alliances have to work for what we have achieved over the years. Bounty means hunting and not waiting. In my opinion this is a wrong step. It would have been much more necessary to finally raise the rewards. The costs from level 90 to 100 are getting more and more.The reward of bucks in Bounty is not even enough to finance the shouting. Bounty has been a core element of the game from the beginning.
This change is another sad step!


Just want to reassure you all: this is temporary. We’re hoping it will improve lag issues that have been reported to us from the last two events. After this weekend we’ll be gathering feedback as well as in-game data so that we can continue to improve the mode, as well as prepare it for future changes.


In the future update is there any chance in adding Ruby heroes to the bounty list? ijs :wink:

How do you like just hitting your collaborators, right? help anything !! At least they should increase the values ​​of the tokens … keep sending values ​​with 80, 115, 145 it will be horrible this HUNTING !!!

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If this is for reducing lags in server then i’m very happy with this change.

I’m not going guess anything before i actually experience this change but, i’m surely hitting to hope that this will be an another good change just like we recently found in stores. Tnx devs