Venom feature crate tokens

The venom tokens being given for day 7 of the login event calendar are of no use because the venom feature crate will expire at the same time as we get those tokens. i sent a ticket to support but they say they dont deal with these kinda issues.

It would make sense to swap day 7 rewards with either day 5 or 6.

Please correct me if im wrong but as per my understanding, the crate will expire at the same time we get those tokens

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the last reward will be collected on Sunday the event will end on Monday

there are 6 rewards left to claim and there are 6 days left for the crate till it expires… so theyre both ending at the same time…

so for me let me explain us tuesday 18 it is 4:50 pm the event ends on monday 24 so i still have 6 rewards to collect either tuesday 18 to 9 pm Wednesday 19 to 9 pm Thursday 20 to 9 pm Friday 21 to 9 pm Saturday 22 to 9 pm and Sunday 23 at 9 p.m. or 6 rewards and the event ended on the 24th so for me everything is ok


for me, it ends on 25th august… oh well lets see what happens

thanks for your explanation

u’ll get ur all rewards… just wait & watch :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a great day

Usually, in the last day, u’ll have several hours between claiming all the tokens and use it all before the crates disappeared…

Don’t forget to claimed the events rewards too
( in the events mission sections)…


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Can I just say that the rewards on recent events have been more than they usually have? A very nice surprise and one that is greatly appreciated!!


I will get Venom and Jackal by Monday!

Double Noice!

how will you get jackal??

Through Venom Crate. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Bhai hum pahele hi pata kar sakte hai ki crate se kya nikele ga.

hehe but its not guaranteed…

yup… i know… but its not guaranteed

Got venom already because i was impatient. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha me too… just need jackal now lol