The 2021 Hunter Awards are Coming! Vote Now!


On behalf of the Hero Hunters development team, thank you so much for four years of support! As we approach our 4th anniversary update, we want to give you, the community, a chance to decide the best of the best of the last year.

Welcome to the 2021 Hunter Awards, aka The Rykers!

The good news is, through data gathered from your play over the last year, you’ve already decided half of the winners. The even better news is you get to decide the other half, directly, by voting!

Visit this link to vote!

Remember: only full entries will be counted! Comments on this topic will NOT be counted as votes! Make sure to vote at the above link!

Here are the categories you’ll be voting on.

Hero of the Year Award

This category focuses on the Heroes who hit the Hunt in Year 4. Which one had the most impact on the way you play the game? Who got you excited? Who was your favorite overall?

Rare Skin of the Year Award

In this category, you’ll be voting on the best looks of Year 4. Think about form, function, and overall impact on the battlefield. Which Rare Skin was your favorite?

Faction of the Year Award

For this category, we want to know which Faction made the biggest difference for you in Year 4. Which Faction helped you win the most Events? Which one had the best Heroes?

Battleground of the Year Award

It’s time to decide which PvP Map was your favorite! Which map provided the most thrilling showdowns?

Hunter of the Year Award

This very special award goes to players in the community who made a big impact, either through skillful play, helpful advice, and/or community growth efforts.

Nominate your favorite community member for consideration!

The Klayton Award

Last, and least, we have the Klayton Award. In this category, you’ll be voting on the Hero who, in your opinion, most needed a buff in Year 4! All Heroes are eligible for this this award.

Voting opens today, January 18th, 2021 and closes February 1st, 2021, at 12pm PST.

Check the forums during the week of February 8th, 2021 for the results!

Visit this link to vote!

Remember: only full entries will be counted! Comments on this topic will NOT be counted as votes! Make sure to vote at the above link!


I will choose myself for hunter of the year. :laughing:

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I’m excited for this update, I wonder what new big thing is coming :thinking:


I think I should win


If someone should win… thats ME!


I’m just gonna say it; he may not be voted for, but for the love of God buff Torque, he does nothing. :confused: :joy:


I think I’m the hero most in need of a buff. :expressionless:

Oh, another thing. Perhaps we are going to get a Trophy Ryker skin??? :wink:


Y’all should vote for me. Team jay558

Regardless of who wins the player of the year award, I want to say on behalf of the HH community well done to everyone for surviving 2020 and enjoying the game through to 2021! Have a great year everyone and I hope votes don’t make anyone upset, just because you do/don’t win don’t let it affect you :smiley:


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Vote Jazz Ryker 4 years Awards :joy::joy::joy:
Jazz for president too…


Royals in the hunt , (Best Ruby of the decade ORO. And the most uncommon hero’s usage), shot out to mellow,jadd,yosai,blood. We’re a big help in keeping chat alive and leaving helpful tips to community. Thanks HH for keeping game alive hope for an additional 4yrs


Yeah blood got my vote


#Buff Pris
Thank you all. Players and Devs for these amazing years! This game has been part of my life for over 3 years and i don’t regret spending a single day with you guys! Keep up the good work and updates and stay safe in these crazy times!:heart:

Godlante aka GALANTE needs a skin buff in favor of Lord Nikon.


Any idea on when the update will come out?

@Muninn @Skathi Can i edit my answers?

I vote Bloodfest! Best Pokemon in HH Community.

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