"The Mints" - Hero Hunters 2023 Awards Winners


“The Mints" are over and the votes are in!

I can see there are some very interesting results, so let’s go ahead and see who the winners are in each category!

“Dressed to Impress”

With only 1% difference between Duran’s “Bandit” and this one, it looks like the community’s favorite Mythic skin is….

Annihilator (Matador)

“Dressed to Kill”

Again with only 1% difference, interestingly enough with the winner of the previous category, you have picked Stygia’s Clockwork as your most disliked Mythic skin of the past year.

That means “Annihilator” was close to becoming both your most favorite and least favorite Mythic skin of 2023, how peculiar!

“Newfound Power 1”

Looks like there was a very tough and close battle here as well, between Clyde and Castlellan. At the end, again with a super close difference, you have picked Castellan’s buff as your most liked buff for the first half of 2023!

“MORE! 1”

Again, a very close result, but this time with a bit more of a difference, Anvil wins the “Mint” in this category as a Hero who could have been buffed more in the first 6 months of last year.

“Newfound Power 2”

With a fairly big lead, the “Mint” in this category goes to…Prophet!

“MORE! 2”

The battle didn’t end as close in this category as well. With 30% of all votes, the winner is…Bucket!

“The Clyde Award”

It is time for the Clyde award! After a long and rough battle, Homerun has been saved (maybe because he had the elemental advantage) and you have picked Dias as your most disliked Hero of 2023!

“Jack of all trades”

Not much of a surprise here - the Hero most of you find useful in every single game mode (PvP and PvE) is Quasary!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a double-winner! You have picked Quasary as the Best Hero of 2023! With our lovely tank Altera coming in close 2nd.

“We do a little trolling”

Putting or not putting jokes aside for this category, I really thought poor Clyde would be the winner here based on all the comments about him throughout the last year.

But the winner you have picked is…Pris!

(Should we create a Church of Pris on that note to rival the Church of Godlante? :grin:)

“Brawling in the deep”

With only 3% ahead of “Sharpshooter’s War”, “One Shot One Kill” takes the “Mint” as the most enjoyed special PvP event of 2023!

“Keep ‘em coming!”

This one is a win by a landslide! The majority of you have chosen the addition of Astral, Void and Ethereal frags to Raids and the Heronium store as your most favorite change of last year. I hope that you have also enjoyed the rest of the nominees in this category too and they have improved your experience as well.

“Hunter of the year”

With only a 3% difference, the community has chosen Dark Ranger189, or Spektor as most of us know him, for “Hunter of the Year”!

However, as your CM, after careful consideration and based on everything these people have done and said with the goal of improving the game and helping the community in the past year, I have decided that all three of them deserve and should receive it.

Thank you all for voting and let’s congratulate the winners!


May the church of Pris reign over the COG!
Hail Pris!

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Congrats @Spektor_189 and @McSpider101 Y’all really deserved it :heart:.

Edit; also jeez quite the voter turnout, 73 voters is a pretty large amount!


You deserved it too! So congratulations to all 3 of you!


Legendary players! Just amazing to think of how much one an individual can influence a community and in some parts even the game!
Frankly the one thing that made this game stand out among the rest for me was this amazing community!


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