The Faceless Troops of Klg

Kinda wanted to give the other Klg units real names and abilities if they ever make it to playable status. Still a work in progress, and I kinda fused the pyro and grenadier into one hero. I might be missing some, but so far i also got the Commander and Technician. Names are pretty weird :confused:

Wip names: Kaze/Carrier/Outbreak
Rear-Line 4* Mech
Tech Specialist/Swarm Dock
Low Health Low Defense
Klg Black Ops

Spawn in a Gunner Drone with low health and high attack.

Shes able to spawn in four drones at a time.

[Final Squadron]
Designate a target and send all drones crashing towards it. They explode on impact, destroying cover, and dealing high damage to anyone struck.

[Holy Wind]
For each drone sent during [Final Squadron], increase the damage of this heros primary weapon. The attack boost lasts until she uses infestation again.

[Swarm Pods]
Start with four charges of swarm pods. Each charge increases the meter gain of [Infestation] by 25%, and grants medium bonus health each.

Everytime a drone is spawned by Kaze, remove a charge. Each time one dies, gain one back.

Wip names: Dancho/Epitome
Mid-Line 4* Energy
Medium Health High Defense
Kurtz Law Givers

[Pump Up]
Increase the attack of all allies for 14 seconds.

[War Cry]
Taunt and mark a target for 10 seconds. Anyone who damages the target heal a little bit of health back. If the target dies, all allies heal back 35% of their total health.

Everytime this hero drops below 60% health, all allies gain a weaker version of [Pump Up] untill he either recovers or dies.

[Supply Lines]
All allies gain 30% faster reload speed along with weak regenerative capabilities.

Wip names: Akuma/Smoke/Ash
Mid-Line 4* Bio-Chem
Low Health High Defense
Klg Irregulars

[Heat Wave]
Switch to a flamethrower, with a high rate of fire, and low bio damage. Reloads every 4 seconds and lasts for 16. Burns away cover pretty fast, but cant hit enemies from afar.

[Bombing Run]
Switch between different bombs depending on if his flame thrower is out or not. If [Heat Wave] isnt active, scatter 5 cover breaking grenades that explode after a second. If so, throw out 3 area denying molotovs that burn for 12 seconds each. The flames cling to those they touch, also burning for 12 seconds.

Explosion damage from grenades are pretty solid, while molotovs deal higher damage to those too stubborn to move.

[Smoked Out]
If anyone hit by a molotov steps out of the fire, they get marked for as long as they burn. This hero deals bonus damage to burning victims.

Each time this hero breaks cover, he charges his skills by 30% and boosts the damage of his next 4 shots.

Edit reasons: Mostly grammar errors


This is pretty creative, I like this idea


I would love to see the technician and commander as playable characters, that would be awesome!

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