Hero Suggestions : Voss / Inferno / Erwell

A member of the KLG Black Ops Division since its foundation. A former UAFA sniper that became a turncoat after being disavowed in an operation that went south. The same operation left half his face burned and forces him to wear a mask to stabilize his injuries. He is dead eye marksman, who uses a variety of untested chemical ammunition to annihilate his enemies.

Faction: KLG Black Ops
Weapon: HZ-67 Modified Marksman Sniper Rifle
Ammo Capacity: 5 Rounds
RPS: 1.01 rounds/sec
Reload Time: 3.3 Seconds
Class: Biochem

Bronze Skill: Pestilence Shot

  • Loads a magazine of 3 shots
    -Deals a massive amount of damage both normal and chemical
    -Poisions enemies dealing a base damage of 4,000 chemical damage a second for 10 seconds.
    -If an enemy hero is killed, the pestilence debuff is given to the hero nearest to the hero killed.

Silver Skill : Lethal Dose

  • A magazine of one shot
  • Deals an enormous amount of bio damage
  • Any enemy killed by Lethal Dose, increases Voss’s reload speed and damage by 40%

Gold Skill: Untraceable

  • If an enemy or teammate is killed, Voss gains invisibility for 8 seconds.
  • Upon entering invisibility, his movement speed increases by 55% and has 60% faster reload speed
  • Also upon entering invisibiltiy, Voss gains a shiled with a base health of 30K and heals 5,000 Health a second

Platnium Skill: Retailiation

  • If an enemy team has a UAF or UAFA hero, Voss gains a base stat of 25K Health and 1500 Attack Damage .
    This ability stacks for every enemy UAF or UAFA.
    -Allied KLG heroes gain a base stat of 2000 attack damage and 35% faster attack speed.

Alternate Platnium Skill: Cloaked Assassin

  • If invisibility is gained by any means, Voss’s attack damage is increased by 45% and reload speed is increased by 65% as well.
    -A shield is activated with 40K and invisibility lasts until shield is destroyed.

    A decorated special ops masrksmen, Voss was once a UAFA special operative; however, during a mission to disarm an enemy bio-weapon near the city, the operation goes south. The weapon activates scarring Voss and his team and killing millions in the city. The UAFA disavows Voss and his team. Bitter, Voss turns to the KLG where he is opened with welcome arms by a close friend and former commander, Kurtz. He wears a mask to hide his disfigured face and stabilize his injuries. He also uses an invisility cloak with a prototype bio sniper. His agenda consists of all the UAF leaders and won’t rest until he knows they’re dead.


An endgame operative, Inferno is a UAFA operative who deals in missions marked highest priority by Wesson himself. His task is simple, destroy anything that stands between his team and the objective by any means necessary. He is a heavy assult, who uses a flamethrower to burn anything in his way.

Faction: UAFA
Weapon: Modified HF-152 Assult Rifle with flamethrower attachment.
Ammo Capacity: 40 Rounds
RPS: 6.12 rounds/sec
Reload Time: 1.7 Seconds
Class: Mech
(Stats are lvl 75)

Bronze Skill: Annihilation
-Inferno pulls out his flamethrower and begins destroying enemy cover for 10 seconds.
-Any enemy behind the cover being destroyed takes 100,000 Damage and his lit on fire taking an additional 8,950 Damage per second for 8 seconds
-Any enemy killed increases his attack damage by 20% for the rest of the match.

Silver Skill: Objective Termination
-Inferno targets the enemy with the most health and does 500,000 damage over 12 seconds.
-During these 12 seconds, he is marked by all enemy heroes and takes 20% more damage
-Inferno gains a shield with 40,000 health when ability is activated

Gold Skill: Mission Incomplete
-If Inferno is killed before an enemy is killed, he gets back up and gains invincibility for 15 seconds.
-Inferno also charges Obejective Termination 40% faster and Annihilation 45% faster.

Platnium Skill : Blazing Fury
-If two allies are killed while Inferno is still standing, Inferno taunts all enemies and gains 125,000 Health.
-If three allies are killed, Inferno gains 250,000 Health, taunts enemies, and gains a 50% attack boost.
-If all allies are killed, Inferno gains 100,000 Health, a 65% attack boost, a 55% attack speed, and a full recharge of Objective Termination and Annhilation

A heavy special operative meant for impossible tasks, Inferno is the bulwark of the UAFA heavy weapons. All of his missions usually entail enemy annihilation. He is responsible for most of the KLG’s losses in the battlefield. He wears heavy power armor equipped with heat resistance mods of the highest grade. He is loyal to UAF mission and despises the KLG with a burning hatred unknown to the rest of the squad. He also loves the taste of fried porgs.


A brilliant pre-war engineer, Erwell is a technician specializing in energy weapons. He works for anyone who is willing to supply him with cash and the resources to build his tech. He is very hard to catch for both his allies and enemies. He is a robotics technician who can solve his way out of any situation.

Faction: Mercenaries
Weapons: Modified Guass Rifle
Ammo Capacity: 20 Rounds
RPS: 2.57 rounds/sec

(A hasty backstory for a hastily made idea that’ll probably be edited)

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