Poll winner are hideo and fiber, however the other two need a mythic as well tbh

Poll favors; odachi, prophet, hideo,

We have our winner!!! Now who out of them needs the mythic the most???

You will receive 2 votes, pick the two you want to have the mythics, if it becomes to close, I will remove the lowest contestant

(Verril has been removed since he got a mythic skin, I have added fiber in his place as she made it high in the 7 star vote,

  • Hideo
  • Fiber
  • Prophet
  • Odachi

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Prophet. Because he needs it. It can provide him just what he needs. Rest doesn’t need it. It doesn’t do such a significant change probably

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Agreed, also tactician ruby dude, imagine that setup,

I want to vote Stygia for the mythic skin…
But it’s not in the list…

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clearly Torque is the answer


This is a 7 star poll, I’m going to put up 3 polls for different 5 stars, then 1 for the most liked 3 stars, all the winner will be put in one poll,

Also not including void or astral heros,

Stygia. Just to hear people cry even louder for a Nerf.

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There’s a reason she ain’t gonna be in the pool lmao, if she got one all hell would break loose,

What heros do you want added to my pole? Comment below, so far; slurp, torque, Duran

Obrez, shivs, alverez, hideo, anyone else y’all think need a mythic?

So far the final pole is verril, prophet, and the last three are being voted now,
My predictions; odachi, shivs, cyphon, and the 3 star skin might be a plus skin poll, that winner prob be someone like sapphire or flatline or someone useful (COUGH COUGH, Clyde,) if he loses I quit)

Caine needs a new skin… doesn’t matter if it’s rare or mythic… a legendary skin for his counter shields would be nice(applied to all allies)

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I’ll put him on that poll, thanks for asking! So far I’m considering this lineup for the plus skin poll;
Caine, Clyde, sapphire, bucket, kobold, phariah, jarek, Lancer,
This skin would be a plus skin, not a mythic, it’s the next poll

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Hideo definitely does. He only has one common skin i think

He does, but he also needs doing damage, so does pris, Salvador, and I’m going on a limb saying this, but I feel like icebox deserves doing damage like shivs, that’s his strong point,

I would like the mythical mk2 skin

Definitely Hideo. He doesn’t really have any special skins and a skin would give him a boost. He’s a decent DPS hero.

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Honestly hideo deserves doing damage, he is not a support hero

I’m going to make a plus skin poll in the future; heros like; Clyde, hivemind, sapphire, lancer, caine, jarek, surge, and more, any heros y’all wanna see specificly, ??? Try not to include some 5 stars bc they mainly deserve mythics) mainly looking for 3-4 stars, what should I put in?

Verrill gets a mythic skin. What’s for? He is strong enough already. Lol