The pvp meta team

who ever thought ronin was finished after they nerfed his shield was way off, he still packs a huge punch but now he’s slightly more fair. i just wonder what they’re gonna do about kurtz. i face him every match and if i ever thought there was a hero too OP i had no idea what was coming lol. but for that reason i, and plenty of other people, spent upwards of a thousand bucks to get him. if they nerf him it will make pvp fair again but it will basically rip off all the big spenders. so that’s a horrible predicament HH put themselves in.

but about the meta, when i use the meta team i’ve never lost to any team that wasn’t another meta team. anyone else have the same experience?

OK. Time to settle this once and for all.
Wtf is a meta team?!?

(I’m sorry but srsly its been bugging me since i got on forums)

Kurtz does not need a nerf… he is well balanced. Decent attack, his main counter is a bio hero. ODACHI being the best… mauler, maven, etc… Stop complaining & asking for nerfs for every hero you cant beat. Ronin is balanced to now. Yes he is strong due to his Plat but without ronin plat he would be lost & useless… devs please stop nerfing unless absolutely needed. As of now. Everybody is balanced. If anything give some buffs… oracle, maven, cast ect…


Meta Team:
A team widely used by many players for their effectiveness and versatility.


  • Any team with Panzer (last year)
  • Mauler plat + Halo plat (few months ago)
  • Ronin 4 bar plat 10 stars + 4 silver (recent and still ongoing)
  • Keel gold + Mandrake gold + Flatline gold (is it just me?)

To add to @Spyro666 's examples of some recent meta teams; playing the ‘meta’ in any game refers to adapting your strategy to something outside of the actual gameplay itself. Playerbases for games tend to gravitate toward one style for awhile before moving on to the next (this can be driven by balance changes, community figures popularizing certain content, etc).

So in the example of HH PvP, the ‘meta’ refers to the current set of heroes that tend to dominate the PvP squad composition at the moment. In HH, it’s driven primarily by relatively heavy imbalance swings. For awhile, a Panzer squad was borderline unbeatable without a Panzer of your own. She was subsequently nerfed and we then saw the rise of the revive meta as a result of Ifrit’s overpowered release kit.

This cycle continues constantly in all games, HH included. The most recent meta was Mauler+Halo+Caine followed by the current which is Ronin (most typically alongside Flatline, Mandrake, Butter, and Caine.)

I think this is reason why nerfing Ronin took time. They started giving out vibe that ronin is getting nerfed so that players, which are also not on forum or stay updated with nerfs, know he isn’t as formidable, before making hard moves to nerf. It will eventually happen to Kurtz, but maybe not as much since Kurtz is final character in game, and he has to be stronger.

On meta team, I think HH has far wider variety of meta teams than other PvP oriented games, as far as I have experienced or played. I have had played with many teams which are called meta and non-meta. While success rate with meta is quite good to switch to non-meta teams, it doesn’t mean they don’t work.

Any team which has good success rate won’t be a non-meta anymore, so you answered your own question. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Dagamepro META = Most Effective Team Available.