List all the metas since Day 1

Can someone list all the meta teams (best) since the game was first released on February 2, 2017.

That’s a long list friend. And some of those metas probably aren’t viable anymore as character changes have happened. One of the earliest I remember was running all healers like Heimlock, Gale, Flatline, Keel, Mandrake, Matador, Gammond, etc., maybe throw in Butter. But with the onset of some serious DPS characters I think it’s less viable…although I do still see it.

Short answer: no.

Here’s a slightly longer answer; and please bear in mind that I’m currently unaware of how many available heroes there were when the game was first released:

As of today there are 2,884,801,920 possible combinations of heroes. Let’s just say, for the mathematical argument’s sake, that 1% of those teams are considered to be the META in one way or another, at any given point, that still leaves 28,848,019 combinations.
That’s 144,240,096 names you’re asking for.

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An admirable effort, but you’re way off base here. A meta team is not a random combination of heroes and it wouldn’t at all be unreasonable to list them in a way that makes perfect sense. For example, the Mauler+Halo+Caine was followed by Ronin+support. Other memorable metas would include Halo+Savage, Panzer domination, Ifrit+Flatline, etc.

A “meta team” is not defined by an exact set of five heroes, and is most certainly not a collection of 144,240,096 names. It is the current strategy that tends to be most dominant and popular. In HH, there have probably been a dozen or so PvP metas in the last year.

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If a topic is closed, there’s a reason. Starting it up in another topic to trash talk another user is against the rules.

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It was just an example…
The biggest thing to consider is that at max level, your META options are limited. While you’re still levelling however, your own personal META has a lot more fluidity.
For me personally, I quite often find that my META pertains to my lower powered heroes - simply based on the idea that I might’ve just unlocked panzer, for example, and while most players in my pvp bracket have her leveled up high, I’ll keep her low to dominate lower matchups of potentially forgotten about heroes.
What that means, is that META is situational and even somewhat personalised in this game. An even better example would be to look up @Rebelpath and see how he has treated his lineup. He has employed some very different and lesser known tactics than the majority are aware of, and I’d say it’s highly effective for him.

Not necessarily ‘best’ but maybe most memorable or memeable metas that existed:

  • Beta - Razorback - Razors shield used to return MORE damage than it absorbed and it had a really fast cooldown. It was nearly impossible to break it and dealt like entire health bars in thorns damage.

  • Beta - Solo anything - Early matchmaker was kinda shit.

  • Beta - Prophet - No heronium or elem frags, getting a high star hero was super tedious and required way more frags. Prophet was the first 7* and was a monster

  • Beta - Surge - Back before gold/plat one of the best silver chamls was surge. His CC was insane and his cooldowns were super fast.

  • Early Gold - Gold Mandrake - when gold skills came out it took awhile for anyone to realize how ridiculous mandrake was. Hes been repeatedly nerfed since.

  • Early Gold - Gold Sentry - innnnnfiiiinite staggers. Staggers could directly lead to another stagger, theres a stagger protection now.

  • Post Beta - Fortress - He was really good, but not like “impossible to kill good” more “irritatingly hard to not die trying”

  • Savage Launch - Savage - His bronze was really really strong and always staggered, it didnt need the silver to stagger and did loads of damage by itself.

  • Early Plat - Halo + Baron - Plat Halo and Plat Baron used to have a broken AF synergy. Halo Plat didnt have a trigger limit and and wasnt limited to ability damage from active skills, some gold/plats could also trigger it. Baron could trigger her plat like a million times a second because each shot from his minigun would hit them with lightning.

  • Ifrit launch - Ifrit + Flatline - Ifrit used to be able to self rez. It also wasnt limited to 1 time. Yes, its as dumb as it sounds. Flatline made it even worse.

  • Pre-Role Warfare - Keel + Baron - Keels gold was a team buff was waaay stronger and pretty much impossible to out damage.

  • Pre-Role Warfare - Gammond + 4 tanks - this was basically a test of who had more free time. It took a billion years to end a match and many ended with either a draw or a win. Matches used to draw if you had at least 1 guy alive.

  • Post/mid Role Warfare - oh god - Hero changes used to be all over the place and relatively low impact. When role warfare first came out it waa like chaos. The good champs all sucked now, the bad champs were like whole new champs. I literally played nothing but Beck teams cuz it was definetly viable cuz no one knew what to use anymore. It was amazing.

  • Legendary Skins - Nightingale - It was pretty stronk. Literally everyone ran Nightingale w/ her skin.

  • Panzer launch - Panzer - one shot a squishy, unload the shotgun deleting everyone in one magazine. The game was pretty much the panzer one trick show, the better panzer won.

  • Plat 3+ - Ronin min maxing - These people suck. Luckily its not nearly as ridiculous now.

  • Now - omega shrug? Maybe general sandbagging?

As much as people like whining its been a fun ride so far. The meta hasnt dramatically shifted (except role warfare lol) but its chamged over time.

Im certain i missed some metas

Metas I remember, in order, since starting:

Tank (Gammond/Matador) + healer/support meta
Panzer meta (Panzer, Nightingale, Mandrake, +2 healers)
Revive meta (Ifrit, Flatline, Mandrake, Panzer, Nightingale)
Stun meta (Mauler w/skin, Halo, Caine, Mandrake, Moss)
Ronin meta (Ronin, Flatline, Caine, Mandrake +1 more healed or DPS)
Current meta… Kurtz? As more people get him I think he’s going to rise in power.

Dear god, my sides :joy: Literally laughing out loud at my desk, thank you for that.

That’s not what a meta is… In fact, that’s basically the exact opposite of what would be considered a meta.

The term “meta” is well-understood to refer to the popular/effective strategy in the current landscape of a game - on a broad scale. It’s, by definition, not on an individual basis.

This is all just semantics though… Not really important or worth going back and forth about :stuck_out_tongue:

huh. glad you said something, because I thought the term “Meta” meant a specific combination of heroes that had synergy - the skills of one hero feeding, or feeding off, the skill of another hero and vise versa.
Or maybe it’s the same thing really, because the popular / effective strategy at any moment I would have to believe is a synergistic combination of heroes that smashes heads.

“Synergy” is the word I would use for what you’re describing.

Etymologically, meta roughly translates to “self-referential”. This may not make sense at first glance, but it becomes clearer when you consider that “meta teams” are the product of what is currently accepted to be the “best”. In other words, the meta is what you get from an awareness of external and indirect factors rather than the gameplay itself. As balance changes come and go, these external factors change, shifting the meta.

A very popular misnomer is that meta stands for “most effective team available”. This is incorrect and misleading, as the meta isn’t necessarily tied directly with efficacy. The term meta was around long before video games (for example, as a prefix in words like metatheory, metamorphosis, etc).


believe it or not, I actually understood all that. Thanks Papa.

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