The Stormwriter (Finale)

Sad to see this series end but had a good time writing it! I apologize for not being active and posting this part, I just had gotten swamped by family things. But let me know what you think of this finale and overall the series in general! I shouldn’t have to link the other parts, but just look on my page and click on the latest part and you should find the links to the others. Now, without waiting any longer , I present to you the finale of The Stormwriter series!

Blood and or mature themes may be present! Reader discretion is advised!


The Stormwriter (Finale)
By Arpinicl

Somewhere in the backcountry

“Hello? Is this thing working?” A man adjusted a camera and stepped back. “If you are seeing this, well, I am most likely dead along with everyone else.”

Gunshots rang in the background and the man ducked down, frightened. He crouched down and took cover as explosions were seen in the distant. Faintly, people screaming could be heard from far away.

“It appears I don’t have much time left. I leave you with a message of-” The man said but was cut off by a missile striking his vicinity, ending the footage.

Colonel Wesson slammed the laptop closed. “That was the last ever seen of Ryker. He and many others from all the factions have been reported dead or missing as well.”

Wesson pressed a button on a remote, which switched slides on the projector. “The culprit for this appears to be a cyborg called Stormwriter. Apparently he was a failed Kurtz experiment who went rogue. I’m sure you are all familiar with Fortress, no? While this guy may look similar to him, their power difference is extreme. I want you all to be very wary of this man and do NOT engage.”

The presentation turned off and the lights brightened, stinging Oracle’s eyes. She stood up and stretched before leaving the room and followed the other UAF soldiers out into the bright lobby. There, armored trucks were parked and had two soldiers standing outside of them. As she approached, the two soldiers opened the doors and motioned for her to sit down. Oracle made herself comfortable as the soldiers closed the doors and hopped into the front seats. A caravan was being made as all the trucks lined up, waiting for the orders to leave. As they stayed stalled there, Oracle sat bored, staring out of her window. She was watching a particular guard standing by the front gate, she turned away to sneeze and when she looked back, the guard was gone. All of the sudden, Oracle heard shouting and yelling and gunfire. Oracle quickly perked up and looked back out of her window to see a scene of mass destruction. Soldiers were firing upon a massive robot that almost looked identical to Fortress. However, as it turned and looked in her direction, a sense of fear stabbed her heart, as the image from the presentation of Stormwriter flashed into her mind. *No, no, this can’t be happening. It can’t be him. * To her surprise, only the soldiers were out of the vehicles and all the higher ranked soldiers including her stayed in the cars.

“I need to get out and do something!” Oracle shouted at the guards and tried to open the door to discover it was locked.

“Sorry but our orders were to keep you safe in the car no matter what happens,” The soldier sitting in the driver seat stated and kept his eyes focused on the firefight.

An explosion rang out into the night, and a flaming truck flew past them and landed on the building, causing a few pillars to collapse. Pure chaos was unfolding and to her horror, Oracle came to the fact that she would most likely be not alive after this. One after one, soldiers and the passengers in the trucks were slaughtered like lambs. It finally came her turn. As she sat there, she felt the car lift up and tilt forward, revealing a blood covered robot in the windshield. The two soldiers in the car began to fire but were quickly silenced by its hand which snapped them in half. The robot turned its attention to Oracle, and a chill sent down her back.

“Why are you doing this?!” Oracle sobbed.

Stormwriter didn’t say anything buts it’s only response was slamming the truck into the gravel, flattening it. The night was now silent, besides the sound of fire crackling. Stormwriter walked off into the forest and crossed off the UAF faction. Only two factions remained, Morlocks and the Modern Day Patriots or MDP. Stormwriter laughed in its robotic way before marching towards the nearest sewer to finish its ultimate goal.


Thanks for reading the finale of The Stormwriter series! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and let me know what you think in the replies!


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