The Stormwriter (Pt.5)

Warning: Some readers may find the following part graphic due to its more mature nature. Reader discretion is advised.

The Stormwriter
Written by Arpinicl


Memories flashed through Duvall’s head as he lay there in the darkness of his mind. They abruptly stopped and he awoke in a dark room with black tiles covering the floor and floating pieces of floor in the sky. The sky was grey and the area was dead silent. A figure suddenly materialized in front of him which resembled a person Duvall had never met before. The man was clean shaven and had a mullet highlighted green. He also wore a black fur coat and black studded pants. A gold buckle was tied around his waist and Duvall made him out to be from South America.

“Who are you?” Duvall spoke softly.

In a thick country accent, the man grinned, “Me name’s Quinn, what bout yours?”

“Duvall,” Duvall turned around to see another piece of floor floating into the sky, “Do you have any clue where we are?”

“Paradise.” Quinn reached his hand out to shake Duvall’s hand.

“This doesn’t look like any paradise.” Duvall shook Quinn’s hand.

“Well ber’cause we are not in our paradise. We’re in his.”

“Whose?” Duvall asked.

Just as he said this, Quinn vanished and Duvall was left alone again.

“Whose paradise?! Quinn! Tell me!” Duvall shouted into the empty black area.

Duvall walked around the area calling for Quinn but it yielded no response. Lonely and sensing an oncoming migraine, Duvall sat down on the ground and closed his eyes. Once he closed his eyes, he felt himself sinking and when he tried to open them, his eyes wouldn’t budge. A sinking feeling of anguish and loneliness filled him as he felt himself slowly dipping into the abyss.

Pharaoh lagged behind as Mandrake and Jailbird were still full of energy as they ran across the empty fields. His legs felt as if they were being prodded by a fire poker and his body was covered in sweat. Pharaoh fell to the ground in a puddle of mud, too tired to move. Without looking back, Jailbird and Mandrake ran on without him and left him covered in the mud, too exhausted to move. He reached his hand out and tried to call out but he could not find his voice. Instead, trying to talk only used more energy and he collapsed back to the ground. Pharaoh then felt a gun pressing into the back of his skull and he turned around to see a man who he didn’t recognize standing there, with a frown on his face.

“Oh you’re not with them. That’s a shame. Well, this will be one person I can cross off my list.” The man said and fired the rifle, spraying Pharaoh’s brains over the pile of mud.

The man then tucked a card into the wound which read, “With love, Jago.” Pharaoh’s body lay there, headless and being pecked on by crows. Jago disappeared back into the city and slung his explosive rifle over his shoulder.

Duvall jolted awake and found himself in the same room he had been in before he had passed out. Quinn was gone and so were almost all of the doctors besides Doctor Navalle. In the reflection of the tube he was in, he saw himself in a black suit made of the same tile that he had seen in the area in his sleep. Blue light glowed between the tiles and he wore a black helmet that covered his whole face and had a light-blue skull painted on the front of it. The man in the other tube was gone which he realized was Quinn all along.

“So you’re finally awake, how was Paradise?” Doctor Navalle grabbed a pen and paper, prepared to write.

“What happened to him?” Duvall began to speak but his voice was not the same anymore and had a more robotic sound to it.

“Him?” Doctor Navalle held a confused expression on his face. “Oh you mean Quinn! He’s a part of you now!”

Duvall looked at himself and back at Doctor Navalle, “No no no, that’s not possible. You killed him didn’t you!”

“I did no such thing. Even if you may not believe it, Quinn and you are one being now. You are the Stormwriter.” Doctor Navalle walked up to the glass tube. “And your objective is to kill the rebellion and work for the KLG”

Duvall’s memories suddenly changed and even altered what he knew his name was. All the memories of being with Jailbird, Pharaoh, and Mandrake turned from happiness to anger and his name changed from Duvall to Stormwriter in all of them. Stormwriter looked back at Navalle but the feeling of anger towards him didn’t change. Stormwriter’s mind began to brew terrible thoughts about Navalle and the more he thought about them, the more likely he felt it was going to happen. Stormwriter looked back at Navalle and a shock of fear was sent into Navalle. Stormwriter began to tear off the tubes leading into him and kicking at the glass.

“Hey! This isn’t supposed to happen! Do something! Now!” Doctor Navalle panicked and ran over to his associates. “What happened to him?! He shouldn’t be trying to kill us!”

Stormwriter broke through the glass and ran straight for Doctor Navalle. The other doctors ran but one of his arms turned into a cannon and blasted them, turning them into ash. With his other hand, he grabbed Navalle around the neck and lifted him into the air, placing the cannon in front of his stomach.

“Why are you like this? I made you not hate me and hate them! Why are there flaws in my design!?” Doctor Navalle cried.

“Because you can change memories but you can’t change hatred.” Stormwriter sternly spoke and fired the cannon into his stomach, blowing his organs and intestines onto the wall behind them.

A gaping hole remained in Doctor Navalle and Stormwriter threw his corpse against the equipment and walked out of the room. There other soldiers greeted him with rifles aimed at him. He made quick work of them by turning his other arm into a saw and slicing them all up, coating the floor and walls in red. He walked down the stairs and Cinder was there with multiple Vanguards and Elite Riflemen.

“I can’t let my prized toy get away! Kill him!” Cinder yelled at her troops.

The Vanguards ran at him and began to throw him to the ground. Stormwriter stuck the saw into one and cut it clean in half. Another vanguard ran at him and he blasted its legs off with the cannon. After dealing with the Vanguards and withstanding the constant fire from the troops and Cinder, he walked over to the concrete wall and began to cut a large piece out.

“What are you all doing?! Stop him!” Cinder threw an acid bomb at Stormwriter but it did no damage.

Stormwriter picked up the large chunk of concrete and began to walk over to the troops. Realizing what he was going to do, the rifleman began to run out of the hallway and into the armored elevator. They began to close the door and left Cinder there by herself.

“Hey get back here! Don’t leave your superior! You traitors!” Cinder hollered at them and turned around and began to shake with fear at the sight of Stormwriter.

He lifted the large stone above his head, covering Cinder in its shadow, “I don’t believe in karma, but sometimes life finds a way for people to get revenge.”

Stormwriter slammed the stone on Cinder and lifted it back up before smashing her with it again. He repeated this a few times before seeing that the elevator had not left yet. After redirecting his attention to the remaining soldiers, Stormwriter threw the stone into the door, breaking it and smothering a few soldiers with it who had been too close to the door. The other soldiers opened fire on him but it had no effect as Stormwriter crushed them one by one. After cleaning up by eliminating all the soldiers, Stormwriter broke through the wall and walked out of the lab. As he made it outside, he fired his cannons, destroying the supports and causing the whole lab to collapse. Stormwriter turned back around and walked out, determined to kill Mandrake, Jailbird, and Pharaoh.

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