The Stormwriter (Pt.2)

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Warning: Some readers may find the following part graphic due to its violence and blood. Reader discretion is advised.

The Stormwriter Part 2
Written by Arpinicl

Duvall awoke to see some man standing over him, changing Duvall’s bandages. His body was parched and there was an immense pain in his side. A bag of fluid hanging from a stand dripped slowly into an IV that fed into his arm. The man had finished replacing the bandages and began to walk away.

“Excuse me sir, may I get a glass of water?” Duvall croaked and attempted to sit up in bed which only caused him more pain.

The man turned around and nodded before walking into another room. After waiting a few minutes, he had returned with a plastic bottle full of water. Duvall thanked him and drank the cool water which coated his throat and brought life back to his body. After finishing the bottle and handing it back to the man, Duvall had many questions on his mind. He chose however, to only ask two of them.

“I have two questions,” Duvall asked the man, “1.Who are you? And 2. Where are we?”

The man leaned forward in his chair and spoke,”My name is Pierce and you are currently at my house deep within the city.”

“Why did you save me?” Duvall questioned Pierce.

“That’s three questions. You said you had two questions.” Pierce sternly told Duvall.

“Yes but,” Duvall began to say but Pierce interrupted him.

“No excuses. As soon as you get better I’m kicking you out of my house, and that’s final.” Pierce stood up. “As for your third question, I cannot say.”

Pierce left Duvall alone in his bed for him to think and walked off to the kitchen. As Duvall sat in silence, alone with his thoughts, he overheard Pierce talking on the phone with someone. He was able to pick out a few words, including “Mandrake,missing,Starfield,custody,him” Curious as to find out more, he climbed out of bed despite the pain and tore off the tubes hooked up to him. He crept his away across the floor and stayed close to the wall until he came to the corner that fed into the kitchen. Duvall peered around the corner and saw Pierce standing with the phone in hand still talking. Duvall looked back at his bed and glanced back at where Pierce had been standing, but to his surprise, all that was there was the telephone hanging from the wall. Nervous, Duvall turned around to sneak back to his bed but was greeted by Pierce holding a gun to his head.

“What did you hear?” Pierce growled at Duvall.

“Nothing much just a fe-“ Duvall’s hands began to sweat and his heart rate increased.

“WHAT DID YOU HEAR?!” Pierce screamed in Duvall’s face, causing spittle to fly onto him.

Duvall backed away from Pierce and ran into a table, making him stumble.

“I knew I should have killed you instead of waiting for Starfield to show up to turn you in.” Pierce grinned like a mad man and fetched a sledgehammer from the kitchen.

“I don’t understand. I don’t have a bounty on my head. Why am I being taken?” Duvall began to sob.

“It’s your blood, Duvall. It’s what we are all after! And I’m going to have you for myself!” Pierce charged at Duvall with the sledgehammer held high above his head.

Duvall rolled out of the way in the nick of time just as where he had been sitting moments before was now a giant hole in the floor.

“Your a quick one aren’t you! Not quick enough to escape from me though!” Pierce’s smile stretched across his face as he brought the sledgehammer up high again.

Duvall was now cornered against the wall with no escape. Is this how I am going to die? By the hands of a madman all for my blood? Duvall thought and brought his hands up to shield himself. Just as Pierce swung down the hammer, a gunshot rang through the house. The hammer fell to the ground in front of Duvall, and Pierce’s eyes went cold as his corpse fell to the ground and began to pool blood. A rough hand reached out to Duvall and helped him up.

Tears began to roll down Duvall’s eyes and he cried with joy,”Mandrake, you’re alive!”

To be continued….

Thanks for reading part 2 of The Stormwriter series! Hope you enjoyed and I look forward to writing part 3! Let me know what you thought in the replies, but try not to spoil anything for anyone!



I’m digging this story a lot, would definitely like to see it continue!

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