The Stormwriter (Pt.3)

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Part 1:The Stormwriter (Pt.1)

Part 2:The Stormwriter (Pt.2)

The Stormwriter (Pt.3)
Written by Arpinicl

Warning: Some readers may find the following part graphic due to its violence and blood. Reader discretion is advised.

Mandrake helped up Duvall, with tears still streaming down his eyes.

“How did you survive? I saw you die.” Duvall wiped the tears away from his eyes.

“You really thought I would die from those wounds? I’m Mandrake after all! No one as weak as them could ever stop me!” Mandrake laughed and put his arm around Duvall. “Now come on, Jailbird and Pharaoh are waiting for us.”

“Wait,” Duvall stepped back. “Aren’t Pharaoh and Jailbird mortal enemies? They are in opposing factions so why would they be waiting for us?”

Mandrake turned around to face Duvall, “In desperate times like these, we throw away our feelings for the greater good. Now hurry or they will leave us.”

Mandrake and Duvall raced outside and met Jailbird and Pharaoh there. Duvall noticed they stood a great distance apart and had their trigger hand right next to their weapon at all times. Jailbird was leaning against a tree and Pharaoh sat down on the ground, meditating. Mandrake’s grip on Duvall’s arm got tighter and Duvall tried to pry his hand off but it wouldn’t budge. As they stood there in the tense silence, the bushes behind Jailbird and Pharaoh began to move. Jailbird jumped away and reached for his gun but four Terracotta warriors appeared behind him and held him still. Pharaoh leapt to his feet and upholstered his gun. Blades suddenly shot out from the brush and hit Pharaoh in the arms and legs, causing him to fall to the ground. Hideo stepped out and stepped onto Pharaoh for good measure, pinning him. At last, a final man stepped out from behind them and placed his rifle to Mandrake’s head.

“I thought we had a deal Caine,” Mandrake sternly spoke, “But it appears Kurtz’s soldiers only have true loyalty to him and not to deals.”

“So you finally figured us out, didn’t you Mandrake?” Caine grinned and shoved Mandrake to the ground with the gun. “But, it looks like for you time is up. You managed to escape us once but you won’t again.”

Caine pressed the rifle even harder into Mandrake’s head. Mandrake looked back over at Duvall and smiled.

“What are you smiling at him for? You happy to die?” Caine lifted the rifle into the air and slammed the butt of it onto Mandrake’s head, causing it to bleed.

“No,” Mandrake grinned. “Its because this won’t become so one-sided anymore.”

Caine held a look of confusion and placed the rifle back onto his head, “You are very funny Mandrake, but the show is over.”

Just as Caine fired the rifle, Mandrake disappeared. Caine spun around and it seemed as if a ghost was fighting him. Caine and Xianjiu began to fire at will all around the place. Duvall was struck by a stray bullet and collapsed to the ground. He crawled over to a tree and leaned against the back of it and watched the fight. An axe appeared out of nowhere and flew towards Caine. The axe impaled him in the head, spurting blood everywhere. Xianjiu then was hit by a shotgun blast and flew back and hit a tree and his body slowly slid to the ground. Mandrake became visible again and Hideo jumped at him and knocked him to the ground. Just as he was about to execute Mandrake, Jailbird sprung from the ground with his fist held high in the air and brought it crashing down on Hideo’s chest, and even going through it. Jailbird pushed Hideo’s corpse off of his arm and threw his body towards the trees. Jailbird helped Mandrake up and they walked over to Pharaoh and withdrew the blades from his arms and legs.

“Well that was awfully easier then I thought it would be.” Jailbird laughed and gave Pharaoh some of his mystery candy.

Pharaoh stayed silent as he ate the candy and healed. Jailbird tossed Duvall a few pieces of candy as well which Duvall ate with relish. After Pharaoh and Duvall had recovered, Pharaoh stomped over towards Mandrake and slugged him in the face, knocking him down. Duvall went to stop Pharaoh but Jailbird held him back.

“What were you thinking about making a deal with Kurtz about giving us away! We almost got killed because of your betrayal!” Pharaoh yelled in Mandrake’s face and punched him again.

“My plan was to lure them out here so we could eliminate some early on. Of course I knew they wouldn’t uphold the deal, which is why I was ready for that. If anything you should be thanking me.” Mandrake pushed Pharaoh off. “Now, lets move on and make our way towards the others to prepare for the war.”

“War? Others? What’s going on?” Duvall dusted off his pants. “I just want to get revenge for my family, I’m not involving myself in some war.”

Mandrake and the others turned around and looked at Duvall, “Listen, there are many things you don’t know of and some you will learn along the way but by winning this war, we will get revenge for your family.”

“And you will get money too!” Jailbird chuckled.

The sun began to set and Duvall followed Mandrake, Jailbird and Pharaoh to wherever they were going. Whatever they do, I will follow. I owe my life to them and I need to find a way to pay them back. Duvall thought as the moon came across the night sky, flooding them with darkness and moonlight and bringing out the stars.

To Be Continued…

Hope you enjoyed reading Part 3 of The Stormwriter! Let me know what you think! After Part 4 is released(not the final part), Parts 1-4 will be available as one single topic.


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