There's some serious lag when I first load into the game

Right after the loading screens, when I get to the menus I am greeted with only a few seconds of some serious lag.

Not anything game breaking but the game just freezes for a few moments before everything goes back to normal. If I am fast enough, I can get to one of the bottom tabs (quests, shops, etc) before the game freezes and I am stuck in the menu transition for a couple seconds.

I wouldn’t really post something like this since the lag doesn’t affect anything inside the game after it dissipates but I just wanted to bring it up since I’ve had the lag since the July update.

Dev’s you on this?

I have the exact thing happen 95% of the time I open the game. I’m so used to it now that I just let the game sit idle for a bit after opening because I know it’s coming. Would love to see this fixed.

Hey @Lurking_Garbage, have you submitted a ticket to Player Support? They’re able to gather important account and device information and submit a bug report to us. This is the first time I’ve heard about this issue.

Some extra information to include that will help them with the bug report:

  • Do you typically play on wifi or LTE?

  • Have you reinstalled the game recently?

Hey @Rook, ive been having the same experiences while playing as well and would like to put my info in.

I currently play on a iPhone 5 SE, and I typically play on wifi, but the lag usually appears no matter what. I used to get really bad lag, not only while opening the game, but while playing as well. I re-downloaded the game and reset my phone and the lag went away for a little, but game back eventually.

I play both wifi and data; the lag happens on both connections. Also, I have never uninstalled the game since the day I downloaded it last January.