Thing really need to change for me

dear developer, I give you a heartfelt cry of last hope, I have been playing this game for almost 3 years now every day, I love your game, but since the ruby ​​skills came out I lost a lot of interest.

I play mainly in pvp and now I find it irrelevant. First of all, it’s bad balance, I have characters around 20-21k and I constantly fall against 1-2 ruby ​​enemy, I die in 2s

I find that there are several useless characters against others, the 3/4 of the time I always face Kurtz (being able to put a level 1 to sacrifice it should not be possible), kyoshi, serial, mariana, halo, krieger, … I don’t see the point of releasing new characters every month when everyone

is just taking those characters It’s high time you did something, in my opinion there should be more synergy between the factions , the kind of krieger that affects offensive skills, this should have a restriction of eg only Patriot members (no idea krieger belongs to which faction).
As for ruby ​​skills now, it should change because it is too powerful, for example there is no longer any point in using last line dps like Dogface

because it gains 30% dodge compared to dps center line that gains 20k attack and 30% bronze skill speed. the tanks had destroyed the walls in 1s which in my opinion is the worst thing because it is a game where you have to stay covered, in my opinion ruby ​​skills should be

tank: + 15% armor, + 15% health

dps: +15 damage, + 15% reload gun speed

support (rear): 30% dodge, 15% move speed.

here is what makes my list of things that should change in my opinion that hurt the game, I forgot he should have more synergy in the style of Lieutenant Nesson who gives damage and life to his faction. Also put restriction of 2k between each hero choice ( remove 20k can be with a 1k hero for matchmaking it thing is mainly why the game is so worst for balancing)thank you


I personally think ruby made the game better. Though i understand your point. A setting which could separate rubies (or remove the damage buff) might be a good use here. As i can understand that facing an opponent that has rubies while you don’t (likely because you have high team power) might be frustrating. Though once you get there the problem solves itself

Playing this game for three years and you have no ruby players? Sheesh I have around 30 I think and played less then 600 days.

Well you will just have to evolve like the game is evolving, sorry the game can’t stay in place because your hero’s are not leveling up fast enough to compete.

Although making a pvp game mode where it’s only gold and platinum hero’s would be kinda cool for players that complain a lot about ruby imbalances. :slight_smile:


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