Things are going to change

I mean, Mk.2 killed Razorback and took days before it was put down and Min used the simulator training to briefly tell us that there is an invader and Jackal is off the leash instead of directly telling us with a report. As well as first time hearing innocents were in danger because of Jackal.
I guess cons on each side of this, but fair points

Finally someone said it
Not only this city, the whole world is doomed and needs a new leader.
While I say this, I propose myself as the new SUPREME LEADER and I invite you to join my force.
With your knowledge and my …personality… , we will bring all hostility and rebellion to their knees, anyone who dares to challenge us will be silenced… nothing evil, don’t worry, more like a “re-education”.
Yes, we’re going to re-educate the whole world, we’re going to eliminate every physical, biological and mental threat and make this place a better place.

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We’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. We’re working to do better. Bringing on people like Phantasma to hold us accountable for the way we operate has helped.

If you want to make things better, then work with us to make them better! Fighting isn’t going to solve anything.


Violence doesn’t solve anything except for all the things it does!

Tell me more encrypted sender i mean are ready to take care of me? I am a full time job. Do you offer benefits? Would you accept my clown taxation idea and my snow ball collection? Tell Me!

Let’s talk, then. I’ll send coordinates. You’re quite the confident keyboard warrior, but I wonder, do you have the courage to meet face-to-face, alone?

It’s time for you to show the city that you’re committed to keeping the peace. If you refuse, you’ll only be proving what I already know, that you’re only brave when you have a screen protecting you. The city deserves better.



Quite an ironic statement coming from the guy who hides his face. I don’t believe in you or your cause whatsoever. Your just as much of a coward as the rest. You give leaked information regarding hidden objects, making others fall for your false leadership. Making us rely on that information will only further weaken us as a community… but that is your plan, is it not? Leave Min alone, and pick on someone your own size.

You know where to find me.

  • Jado

I bet the reason @ENCRYPTED_SENDER hides his face is because he is super 𝕌 𝔾 𝕃 𝕐.

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I’m a keyboard warrior too, pick me to fight, or are you scared of the mighty William Wallace?

It’s a trap, I repeat it’s a trap don’t go alone take the whole battalion and take him your custody.

There can only be War until one faction remains.

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