New January 2019 Hero Contest - Winners Announced!

A new KLG Irregular member is joining the hunt soon! Welcome… JAREK, the Brutal Fighter! :facepunch:

Want a chance to win Jarek?
Take your best guess of who he is and what Jarek’s backstory might be!

The lucky winners are:

Methamoriaz (amazing fanart) :art: | ULFPAM (very funny) :laughing: | VINTERMYST | Tracy Cuajao | Andrew Arnott

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I believe he uses that device to single out an enemy by reducing their move speed and reload speed making him a skill reliant hero to deal major damage that even flex seal can’t fix. His backstory should be that he raised in the mountains training in the art of guerrilla fighting which makes him a reliable candidate for the irregulars after Kurtz sought him out.

Former member of The Watch, Jarek was left to die after a failed operation again a KLG depot. But instead of killing him, Kurtz offers him a different choice : to fight for him against the ones who sacrifices him that night. Jarek gladly accepted and started his new life within the KLG. After a while, he joined the Irregulars, thanks to his guerilla skills he gained while fighting for The Watch. Now that his training of the Irregulars tactics is done, he urges to fight against vis former companions of The Watch, Oro and Matador, who abandoned him to his fate.

I feel like he’s going to be able to root the enemy.

Jarek was a just a baby when the attack happened. Left orphaned, he was raised in the wild by the many animals that roamed the area. With his gorilla brute strength and various knowledge with hunting and traps, the once hunted has become the hunter.

He has traps to immobilize the enemy for a short duration. Jungle drums to increase attack and a high health to be able to protect those that can’t protect themselves.

This is Jarek, hear him roar

Looks like an aquatic version of Fortress.

KLG secret weapon/ experimental soldier.

Kurtz’ always noticed the people who were broken.

He sought to use his resources to fix those broken people, making them better than ever before, and giving them a lasting purpose. At least, a purpose that was right in his own eyes. Jarek was one of those people.

Born with several deformities, Jarek was ostracized and avoided throughout his life. The unrelenting reactions toward him planted seeds of aggressiveness and hostility towards others, especially those that displayed fear or disgust towards him. This anger was further compounded by his dysfunctional, broken, apathetic family. When the war broke out, he left to seek his own path. However, one could hardly tell whether it was a path to peace or to revenge.

Becoming an erratic, volatile nomad, Jarek found no place among any of the factions, and was never treated as a true equal. He eventually found himself driven to the wilderness beyond the city, isolated and alone. This brought him to a place of unbridled insanity, despising the world and himself…

…until Kurtz saw him.

The general took Jarek under his wing, and gave him a new life. Along with Richter, a rouge street fighter who was severely injured by a IED, a hired Heimlock healed and augmented them, giving both of them more power then they ever had before. With his masterpieces complete, Kurtz assigned them to the Irregulars units, tasked with raiding and eliminating potential threats. Jarek was viewed as a threat his whole life, and now, much to his delight, the shoe is on the other foot.

Jarek, in many ways, is still his old self. He remains aggressive and dangerously erratic. But now his loyalty is to a man who gave him the things he yearned for his whole life.

To Jarek, his fellow irregulars are his family.
The KLG is his country.
Kurtz is his future.

:crossed_swords: VINTERMYST


Jarek was once an ordinary soldier, before the great war began. His loyalty and respect for his country gained him much honor in his enlisted career. Known for his ruthless and versatile tactics on the battlefield, many feared him.

Than the great war began, and Kurtz was on the rise. Most of the military was wiped over the course of several months. Their numbers grew slim, and command was forced to rally all they had left into a single company.

This is where Jarek met Richter. Both were unmatched in skill, but were reckless. They often competed with one another in games on the battlefield to see who would come out on top.

Growing a strong bond for one another, they formed a pact. Blood brothers, to never leave one’s side, even in the face of death.

One day, leading their men into battle - they were ambushed. The group fought with everything they had until the only two left were Jarek and Richter.

Defeated, they began to retreat. This is when Sentry zeroed in. Shooting Richter in the back of the head, exiting through his left eye and leaving him lying there helpless, lifeless.

Jarek grabs his friend and throws him onto his shoulders, running as fast as he can, leaps behind an old parked car for cover. Sentry than releases his next shot, hitting the gas tank and blowing up the vehicle.

Unconscious… Light from an operating room dims in and out. Faint noises beeping, and ringing. Medical professionals consulting with one another.

Eventually woken. Dazed, and confused to what happened.

“I feel different…” Jarek exclaims - noticing he is strapped to the surgical table, struggling to free himself.

A mysterious voice behind a mirror: “Don’t strain yourself. We need you well rested for what we have in store for you.”

“What is going on!?” Jarek yells.

Mysterious voice: “The helmet you have on allows us to access parts of your brain. Consider it something like a mind control device. We saved your life, now you owe it to us.”

“What about Richter!? Is… he dead?” Jarek questions.

“Don’t you worry about Richter.” Says the mysterious voice. “We took care of him as well. You both have a lot more in common now.”

The lights than start to fade until the room is pitch black. Jarek screams and struggles some more.

The helmet where Jarek’s eyes used to be than starts to glow. He now lies there still, almost lifeless.

A drone, slaved to do Kurtz bidding.

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JAREK !! Second in Command of the KLG IRREGULARS. Short tempered and studied most of the skills from his superior Commander -in line HIDEO. JARAK is also a faithful student of HIDEO. Judging by this i believe one of JAREK skills will be same as HIDEO’s (EXO LEAP) or similar to it

JAREK’s (tri-Blade) also exhibits HIDEO’s Blade storm.

his off- hand weapon is a trap which makes opponents immovable or tethers him with opponents and fly towards them (like FIscher)

Coming to story parrt !!!
They(before KLG IRREGULARS) was once a seperate faction which kurtz doesnt have any influence on. they were doing some petty crimes and weapon dealings here and there.

It was when UAF attacked HIDEO and JAREK (Master and Student) and made them run for their lives.
Sooner HIDEO and JAREK decided to take revenge. There is a saying ’ ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND’ SO joined hands with Kurtz. thats where originally KLG IRREGULARS were formed.

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Failed recruit to the UAF, fueled by anger and shame he sought out Kurtz.
Seeing potential in his obsession Kurtz gave him specialized equipment to isolate his targets and drain their attack power for use augmenting his own.
Now beholden to Kurtz he seeks to destroy the remaining members of UAF himself to earn distinction and accolades form his new master.

another Mech? KLG Irregular needs a Energy hero

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Abandon as a pup. He was found by Ritcher Who lived in the middle of nowhere. Jarek joined the Military with Ritcher as a stormtrooper. During a Combat mission Jarek and Ritcher Squad took heavy fire. In mid combat Ritcher notice a grenade was thrown while he was on the frontline suppressing fire. He pushed Jarek into a Trench as the grenade blew up in mid air. He saw the the enemy run after that grenade was blew up and felt useless cause he could have killed them but he let them get away to save Ritcher.
The shrapnel did serious damage to his body but didnt do major damage to is organs. Jarek knowing Biomedical engineering studies and technology, he made it his goal to save his mentor and friend. After Fixing Ritch back up he went back in to combat. Jarek couldnt return back to the combat zone because the sound of bullets and boom paralyzed him. After Ritcher made a new team (Cinder/ Hideo/ Yanglong) he need his battle buddy and begged for his to fight along his side one more time. Jarek made a Cybernectic Helmet to Mute out the noise and it allows him to see enemies heat signature no matter what the combat condition is. He made it a goal that No one will escape from him or his team again. 1 Bronze skill Survalince (allows him to see everyone and give him self a crit boost to hit ppl weak spots.) 2 Silver Holding It Down (Luanches a Robotic Clamp Rooting target enemy and disorent them for 15 sec. ) 3 Gold Death Grip (Damage increase as effect stays on when time is expired. mechanical clamp explodes dealing damage to everyone on enemy team and giving them shrapnel bleed DOT damage.) 4 Plat HardHead (Reciving Head shots to his helmet give his body protective armor and sheild for 15 sec and causes tuant to enemies)

Jarek, the brutal fighter, has really fast skill use, and can take out a crowd of enemies swiftly with heavy damage and horrible debuffs.

-Multi target attacks
-Fast skill charge

Im really expecting this to be the reason why kaishi was made, like posting a counter to a really strong hero early, since they made anvil before kobold. Kaishi has his ability counter so he would be able to attack this hero often with it. Kaishi also has a cleanse, probably for this hero. Lockout reflects 15% damage back, so when Jarek uses a multi hit move, he takes heavy damage back. If im right, jarek is another panzer.

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A warpath of brute minds…

Back in the days, Jarek was an infamous guerrilla leader. He heavily trained in combat and heavy influenced with guerrilla tactics.

He often leads his army to raids, sabotage, or ambush small scale enemy bases to deplete the opposing force and resources. In some case, he single handily doing a hit and run missions.

Jarek is a brutal disabler when it comes to battle, Jarek could disable his enemies by launching his mechanical claw devices before he finish them for good. He also can take hits and sustain himself in battle.

Jarek also known as the major threat for UAF and UAF Airborne since Jarek always cause havoc in the district and for the faction, so Colonel Wesson put a death warrant on him. But Jarek just bring the battle right into their front door.

And one day, when Jarek tried to ambush one of UAFA base… Jarek taste the sour of defeat. A heavy gun specialist called Steele force him to withdraw.

Jarek can’t accept the truth that he lost in a battle, so he calls out the battle against Steele. Jarek takes the victory against Steele by disabling him; noticed Steele lost his both arms Jarek decided not to kill Steele…

Just because Jarek want to see him miserable to the end of his life.

With his infamy spreading all over the district, Kurtz offers him a chance to join his force. Share the same interest how can he refuse?

Kurtz placed Jarek in a special division of his own called ‘KLG Irregulars’, where Jarek specialized the most by ambushing a small group of enemies or small bases yet critical for his opposing force. Kurtz trust Jarek to become the leader of KLG Irregulars.

And one day, Kurtz ordered Jarek and KLG Irregulars to sabotage UAFA training missions in order to capture one of UAFA heavy weaponary, which is… Steele. Jarek can’t believe his ears, but knowing that his rival got a new pair of hands and could cause him more trouble, Jarek agreed to accomplish the mission.

Jarek and KLG Irregulars jumped into UAFA training mission and overcome them, they took Steele back to KLG base and changed him.

With one problem solved, Jarek continue his warpath to anybody who dares to stand against him… the brutal fighter.


Jarek, one of Kurtz laboratory experiments is finally ready to join the other heros! Jarek, without a choice, teams up with KLG Irregulars after being branded with their mark. Known for his brutal history, he was designed to brutally heal his allies by releasing his death clamp, transforming brutality into prosperity. Enemies will fear Jarek’s laser rounds aimed to silence and dismantle their skills.

On facebook, your story has been posted by three different people. Just a fair warning… many are stealing your ideas.

lol yes. at first i didnt know who the original author was and by the timer i came to know who is.


He has some amazing submissions. I’ve entered every contest and I know what to expect from the community when they enter because I genuinely read every fan made backstory.

It’s sad to see others will re-use stories made by others whom they have seen win in the past. I hope this does not go overlooked and credit is due where credit is served.

With that being said; good luck to all.

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Trashy, ugh. Perhaps posting content on FB isn’t all that smart anymore.