This is frustrating

This is really frustrating. Even with me and my ally being similar power, I’ve been getting matchups like this all day. I understand the matchmaker punishing teams that are teying to sandbag, but wtf is this ■■■■??


It’s a known exploit in coop pvp which had yet to be fixed. Until the new group gets around to fixing it, it’s best to stay away from the gamemode.


Yes. It’s a joke.


I was on the higher end of the co-op-pvp spectrum. But I did notice how unfair it was. I mean I’m level 100 with several of the brawl heros at Ruby+5. My two heros alone were at 90k. When I paired up with some of my alliance members our total power was in the 160k-180k range, & we were paired up with level 93’s where their four heros’ combined power didn’t even equal mine! They were killed off in mere seconds.

Just how fair is this? It was quite evident that they were playing their highest heros, they were not sandbagging in the least bit!

In my humble opinion, something has to done to rectify this, I’m no computer programmer, not even close! But isn’t there an algorithm or something that can be inserted into the game to keep these co-op-pvp’s fair?

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Ruby bars are easier to get then platinum so I fail to see where you are coming from…

Yes fiber and veril are crazy…:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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