Thoughts on Gauntlet Update

I got the screen where I could choose to quick win the gauntlet but the game says I don’t have enough quick wins (but I have 25000).

No, it doesn’t say you don’t have enough quick wins. Did you beat Sectors 1-5 BEFORE you updated? Because the only thing I can think of is that it won’t let you quick win until you beat Sectors 1-5 manually AFTER updating.


Why didn’t I read properly earlier? Because I had just woken up. I’ll clear the sectors manually now and see what happens tomorrow!

Guntlet become harder and offeres less money
Then it is now on error thing

Please fix this

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Played gauntlet after the update and wow… The devs should really try out the changes before implementing them. The levels are now a joke and so ridiculously hard. The player combos you face now almost always have Mandrake and Min on the team so constant shielding and disappearing. The jump from one sector to the next is huge and a total pain.

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No I am still getting error on gauntlet d-sync restart every time also, normal and hard level unless I beat them I can do quick play but when I try a level I have not yet beaten then it just shows screen with heros no movement but to.e goes down and off course still takes the stamina

Gauntlet is now too difficult. It’s no longer fun . I’ve Used up all my heros and still can’t pass mission 5 gauntlet , so why on Earth will I unlock mission 6 or 7 . And even though I do. It will just be for waste. Cause I know it would be more difficult. I started 190 days ago and I’m being added to the veterans because of my power level. My top 5 is 64k power and I’ll be facing 70k power , sounds strange. I’ve never faced 60 k power before. Just 58 to 59 . Still I struggle to pass that. Not liking this new update. GG though

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Same here, I still get this error when I try to play Gauntlet. Checked on 3 devices, OnePlus 7, HTC 10 and Iphone 8

Dev,I have the same issue and I’ve issued a ticket to no response. How…

With due respect to game developers, You should check all aspect which are going to change due to update before release of update.

Since update of game, i try to get enter into Gauntlet, but everytime showing error of desynchronize from game server & want me to restart game. How many time I should do this to get into Gauntlet.

You’re making game more & more dung with every update.

Wow why wouldn’t HH just add win tickets so you can do the gauntlet faster and 5 more levels to add double the prize money, even if I leveled up my top 5 guys to the max it’s gonna be years, so I think I might just leave the game

Updating the game from Google play, rebooting device and cleaning the cash didn’t solve the problem of Gauntlet error. Still keeps restarting the game, when i try to enter Gauntlet mode.

And already sent ticket to support

Got a 2nd account and Gauntlet worked fine Hard yes but no complaints here for that however the increased hardness doesn’t show in extra Crystal’s or Cash that’s disappointing!

Theres your problem, the sequence is way off. It’s reinstall, refart and then restart. Sorry bro loved your comment LOL and had to reply

Btw main account has same error as rest of you but did that before update so hoping midnight reset resolves the error. Suspect I’m getting it as I have used my reset so I’d get double if it reset on update aswell

I’ve been saying for a long time. The feedback is bull

This might actually be a new problem, secondary to the one you experienced yesterday. Similar error message, different actual problem.

We’ll take a look into it this morning. Thanks for your patience, everybody.

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I figured there would be a catch. I called it in the gauntlet update thread. They went from making it ridiculously easy, to overly hard.

I was able to get by sector 6… barely. Sector 1-5 were also much harder for the same rewards and now require much more work/time. If you have the higher VIP it might be quicker with double rewards, but not for anyone else. I can no longer auto it on 3x speed.

Sector 6 I was barely able to pass. My top team is 95k power and I was facing teams that were 100-105k. I didn’t even bother with sector 7 because I exhausted all my best heroes and didn’t want to waste my token just to face teams.


Hi all,

We think the Gauntlet reset issues should be resolved now. Thank you for your patience!


Hi, Thank You for your hard work. :muscle::pray:t2:

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