Thoughts on Obrez

Hello Reader! The new upcoming hero Obrez has been announced. Looking into the skills i found them very interesting🤔

Role: It seems she will benefit from breaking cover and as many of you expected already. She will likely pair very good with marianas. Though from what i have heard i have only heard about having her as the cover breaker, though i think there’s more than that🧐

Looking at her skills she seems to benefit from breaking the cover, though it’s only HER benefitting from this, ofcourse other heroes like keel do too but her own abilities only concentrate on her.

Seeing her Platinum Bulldozer

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


When Obrez demolishes cover, she gains Health and receives Healing per second for 5 seconds.

and her looks overall i don’t think she will have much HP, though i don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But if so i think she would rather need support than Marianas, Kiyoshi, Halo and krieger. I think with this team she would likely die very quickly.

Let’s get straight to the point! This is a setup that i thought of that will possibly pair good with her and maximize her role in it
-Obrez, Marianas, Krieger. Matador and Phalanx/Keel. This team would concentrate more on keeping her alive and getting the max out of Obrez, having phalanx and matador as support as well as cover breakers is good, though the real point here is having Obrez destroy cover which deals damage. Then marianas will start damaging the opponent as well as krieger applying slowing effects that will make it harder for the enemy. Ofcourse the enemy will relocate behind cover to prevent the damage. Though from what it seems Obrez can place mines,
so what if after destroying cover and exposing them you place the mines to where you predict they will go to? Massive damage!
So then the opponent is finally behind cover and took a beating. So you destroy the cover again! They would litteraly have nowhere to go and if they do they will fall right into your trap!
This is why i think Obrez won’t be needing Kiyoshi or Halo with her.

I think Obrez will bring a lot with her in terms of combinations for cover breakers, but also needs a lot of skill to master which is great as she will likely be worth playing and mastering.

But after all, these are just thoughts🙃 That’s why i want to know YOUR thoughts on what obrez will be playing for in HH!
If you disagree on any point i gave i will welcome and respect your opinion and discuss it if you like!


I only read her skills briefly, I admit, but I don’t recall having the feeling that she will get to choose where her mines land. Seems like it would have to be random since there are more than one. Not sure the game mechanics would allow you to choose………what does she throw, 3 mines?

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I’ve tested my *6 Obrez only on the Mech Strike and I am impressed. She has decent damage.

Be careful where you aim the Lurker mines, they will plant where you want them, even in spots where your enemies may not step into.

Her Bronze skill is cool but just make sure you have a full mag before you activate because it uses the existing rounds. If you activate on the last round in your mag, you pretty much wasted that bronze skill.


From what I’ve picked up, her mines land toward the targeted location, which means they can be thrown as traps to set up enemies. Seems very useful.

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So you throw one at a time and up to 3 on the field at any one time? Like if Chester could throw out three traps, one at a time, and if none are tripped then 3 is the max?

Once you press the skill to activate, it auto shoots it.

There is a quick delay to give you very little time to aim the second and third but its very quick

That’s what I figured it would be more like but the being able to spread them out is not what I expected. Looking forward to tooling around with that when I get her. Thank you P

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