TITAN CORPORATION seeking permanent members

Hey Guys and Gals,

Our alliance TITAN CORPORATION is seeking active and serious members. If you enjoy a fun and positive setting in a family style group, where we all look out for each other and grow strong together, this is the place for you.

Being a top 75 ranked (and higher depending on event) 7million+ power alliance we do have simple rules and requirements to make things efficient and fair for everyone as well as to keep us in the top 75. That being said, we’re all here for entertainment and we understand that we all have a real life and this is just a game.

We do require that you have LINE chat as it is a great tool for communication and bonding with the rest of the members. It also is not as intrusive as discord when it comes to data collection.
We also require that you speak fluent english. We have members from all around the globe but we communicate in English.
300K is the minimum power level we will accept. If you are close to that, don’t be afraid to ask. We just might make an exception. Many of us started out like that.
Last but not least, we’d prefer you to be 18+

Please PM me in game @HIGH COMMAND or any officer from our alliance [TITN]
I am also available on LINE chat as @DrJoint420

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