Tachyon Social is recruiting

Tachyon Social is recruiting. We are an active Alliance looking for seasoned players that are active as well. We participate in everything.


Level 95 or higher.
1.8 million minimum total power.
Must join discord server.
Bounty minimum of 2 billion.
Active for war start and resets(only should take 5 to 10 minutes of play… if at work - poop break :wink:
Patrols have no minimum but required to be active on them.

Damn I wish I was strong enough. Only 1.6 mil :pleading_face:

You got a nice top 5 though. Really never saw why power would be a neccesity. It’s not like power defines entirely what you can do. Unlike a top 5. A bad top 5 means no go in war, but besides that power doesn’t matter

Well obviously exceptions will be made. Your top five is good. If you would like to join, our alliance is open! The requirements are there as guidelines for what is expected.