UAF faction advise?

For the next faction event, the focus is on UAF.

  • It’s composed of 6 ENERGY heroes and 2 Mech heroes.
  • But we just used up our energy materials from the previous faction.

So among the different heroes, who should we farm? (Esp for mid tier players like me who can’t afford perpetual resets!)

I have Baron (gold) which Im planning to push to plat, and silver ryker (the only accessible mech) so he’s an obvious side upgrade without using the same mats.

Esp for the beta players and those with deep rosters, who should we prioritize?


Is how I would rate them in terms of usefulness. Nightingale is worth upgrading all the way to plat, oracle is great if you somehow have her, hivemind’s drones got a huge buff last patch and ryker is a good all arounder. I would definitely focus my attention towards these 4. I’m sure some will tell you different but just my honest opinion.

My UAF team is ATM:
Oracle Gold 6* - working on her Platinum promotion.
Hivemind Gold 5* - soon 6*.

That’s it.

If course have Ryker, Nightingale, Baron and Butter as well but I never touched them. I think my plan is to let Hivemind and Oracle lead UAF this month and work on Butter and Nightingale and hope to unlock Panzer. I have enough frags to evovle Butter to 5*

Right now, this is the team I’m planning to make


Enough of a mixture of support and damage in my opinion. I could go with Ryker instead of Halloway, but I find Halloway much more useful in my opinion

How strong are they?
I’m bummed that I spent lots of time and resources upgrading my Patriots this month and I still can’t beat Keepers of the Dream Brutal.

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It happens man I knew I wasn’t gonna get far so I didn’t bother :sweat_smile:

I spent all of my energy mats upgrading patriots too, also cant get pass brutal on keepers of the dream. Now we have an all new another energy centric faction. . . Lol