ULFPAM's character thoughts


This is not a tier list. It’s just my thoughts on the different characters. This is definitely not an end-game guide!
Opinions stated here are subject to change, eventually, and when I change my mind on a character or upgrade him/her the previous information is lost. I still don’t have all the characters, and I certainly have not upgraded all of my unlocked characters.
Everything written here is my own opinion but if I am downright WRONG please correct me!
If a certain character aren’t mentioned I probably don’t have him/her or I just don’t played him/her enough to have an opinion yet.
I will always note, upon each update, how developed my character is at given moment.
I will be glad for any advice on how to use these characters and who to build next / focus on / yada yada.

BOLT **** Level 53 Silver
There’s something about Bolt. His aiming is just so accurate and I love how he ducks whenever he reloads. His Silver skill don’t add much but his Bronze can deal decent AOE damage or very high single target damage. Like almost more than any other attack in his tier. It’s easy to make headshots using Bolt - which will come in handy once he is upgraded to Gold (his Gold skill adds damage to his headshots).
For some reason I stopped upgrading and using Bolt a few levels back but he is definitely one I will get back to later. He can’t carry a team but he can kill enemies and he is fun to use.
3 / 5

BUTTER ****** Level 70 Gold
I can’t believe I used to dislike this guy. After his factions’ featured month I learned to love the smooth Butter. For doing what he does; protect, he does is very well and that healing skill makes him stand longer than many other heroes.
4 / 5

CAINE ***** Level 70 Platinum
I didn’t like Caine at first. No offensive skill? And clunky support skills? Gosh! He is best played being AI controlled (since it’s too much work to manually aim at your team members to throw those grenades -AI does it with not much trouble). I definitely don’t dislike him any longer. Once his Silver skill gets pumped up it can potentially deal G O O D damage. And Gold makes it even better with constant bursts of healing. His basic attack damage is high and he has mustard and ketchup dispensers on his back. Caine is often in my A-team.
4 / 5

CALLIDUS ****** Level 70 Gold
Meh. I see how they were thinking here but meh. I promoted her to Gold in hopes of making her useful but still meh. For a character who relies on healing and healing alone she doesn’t do enough healing to stay alive for long.
2 / 5

CHESTERFIELD ****** Level 70 Gold
Hands down the most aesthetically appealing character in the game. If I could I’d 3D print him out and put him on my keychain.
He has potential but I haven’t had much luck with him yet. He’s supposed to deal magnificent damage if you can bear trap (Bronze Skill) the enemy, throw a flare (Silver skill) on him and keep shooting him with your shotgun (Gold skill activates when you shoot an bear trapped enemy). This is wonky though! A lot of setup indeed.
Without his special skills he’s… OK. He can only fire two rounds before reload time. I’ve seen people suggesting he should be able to fire at least three rounds but I would rather see him reload faster.
His elemental damage is good so he can take energy (blue) enemies out swiftly.
2 / 5

CINDER ****** Level 70 Platinum
Cinder is splendid. Good DPS, amazing dragon flames and really really powerful bomb blast with a good AoE. She’s pretty much like a Salvatore that can actually hit her targets.
4 / 5

CLYDE ****** Level 70 Gold
I think Clyde looks really cool and he never hesitates on dealing a lot of damage. Fast. But he will not stand too much chance once he has pi$$ed everyone off and they start shooting back at him. He goes down with dignity.
4 / 5

DOGFACE ********** Level 70 Platinum
My first Platinum hero! My first 10* hero! I am very disappointed by the Platinum skill itself but making Doggie stronger is always good because who doesn’t love old man Dogfart? Well, I guess only those who never cared to buy his fragments from the Gauntlet store wherever available. Dogface is the best sniper I have and whatever I do he just keeps getting stronger and stronger . At Gold, with his Bronze and Silver skills activated, he can put much stronger characters to death within seconds and he looks cool doing so. Never nerf the Puppyface.
5 / 5

ELITE RIFLEMAN ***** Level 70 Gold
I evolved this guy by accident. :frowning: But I decided to roll with it and promoted and skilled him up and he proved to be a really swift dude. He’s just so anonymous. I can foresee a future where I put him in higher teams but it’s hard to get a hold of his frags!
Once my 5* Rifleman was the top DPS even when I run him with 8* Odachi among others in the Gauntlet.
3 / 5

FLATLINE ****** Level 70 Gold
Underwhelming stats but got a few tricks up her sleeve. Her Bronze skill will either revive a fallen comrade in compensation of her own health, or fully (kinda) heal a wounded comrade. Silver skill does… OK damage and a useful stun. Her Gold suit makes her dig deeper into this revive thingy by refusing to let a a friend die, also this time she’s sacrificing her own health to make sure her friend doesn’t actually die when he’s supposed to. Never been a fan of self-damage but this skill also adds a bit of healing to herself and the ally she saves from doom.
Basic attack, health, armor… All those are crap though.
3 / 5

GAMMOND ****** Level 70 Gold
I recently promoted him to Gold and started using him in my A-team again. He was nerfed a while back which lead to me picking other characters to focus on for a while - but nerfed or not Gammond is essential for your progress. He’ll keep you alive and his Kill Shot is still good (but it used to be better). I am glad they nerfed his attack skill and not his support skill!
His Gold skill then? Meh. Haven’t seen it in action yet. It triggers only when Gammond is the last dude alive but being a healer and all he’s subject for an early takedown so meh.
3 / 5

GHOUL ****** Level 74 Gold
He’s pretty much another Maven, and another Scum. It’s fun setting enemies on fire and watching them run around like mad trying to exhaust themselves. He’s not amazing but occasionally useful.
3 / 5

HALLOWAY ****** Level 70 Gold
A hidden gem and I was very glad to finally unlock him and add a few stars. He’s really small compared to other guys in the game but that’s OK, he can create hologram doubles of himself that does nothing but shoot and shoot and shoot until they die. With a gang of 3 holograms things go out of control, especially if you fire one of those energy balls (silver skill) - then all the doubles will also fire one and yes - your target will die.
3 / 5

HALO ***** Level 70 Gold
First impression? Nice color palette but she doesn’t look neither strong or durable. But don’t let her nerdy looks fool you: she IS strong and durable!
She can shield herself it things go out of control and her shield can result in massive healing for everyone - yes: you get a heal and you get a heal, EVERYBODY GET A HEAL!
She can also zap with her gun, a fairly powerful zap that can also bounce around to nearby enemies which looks really cool.
Her Gold skill is a bit like Mandrake’s Gold skill but not as useful as no one goes invisible and it can not trigger in endless loops like the when Mandrake does it - still a good Gold skill.
Rumour has it that a Halo promoted to Platinum is totally sick.
4 / 5

HARDSCOPE ***** Level 70 Gold
Dogface Junior. Sleek little guy often hiding in a corner somewhere. His healing drone is top-notch, his Gold skill is cool and he can also swap his sniper rifle for a rocket launcher which deals REASONABLE damage to any enemy. I’m on the hunt for more fragments so that I can make him even better.
3 / 5

HEIMLOCK ******** Level 70 Gold
Yes, that is 8 stars. I was granted lots of Heimlock fragments after a spending-spree. Every crate gave me more and more Heimlocks and I don’t complain since he is amazing. He is the best healer there is, always with a perfect moustache. His shotgun can deal devastating damage and since he’s the dude with most starts in my roster he is often seen as a huge threat to my enemies. Even if you ”only” have a 5* Heimlock - pump him up. He’ll keep your team alive though the hardest of times.
5 / 5

HIDEO ****** Level 70 Gold
This guy, I love him. He is often on my team. He can throw knives all around to inflict good damage on multiple targets and his crazy jump-&-smash attack is awfully helpful since it doesn’t only deal high damage but also stuns the target. Much fun, hyper-fast ninja guy. Definitely a good choice.
4 / 5

HIVEMIND ****** Level 70 Gold
Cool looking drone fetishist. His Bronze drone is very durable even though it taunts all enemy fire. For easy bounties and campaign this drone alone can clear the mission since it got pretty decent attack damage. His Silver drone isn’t quite as durable but Bronze will protect it. Recently got buffed. Now better than ever before. Overlooked favorite.
4 / 5

IFRIT ****** Level 70 Gold
The current annoyance and an instant meta-changing new addition to the hero selection. At Platinum he’ll constantly revive dead allies which is poopy to deal with. At Gold he’s… OK? He does’t have any DPS at all almost and his slow-motion skill is more annoying than it is an actual threat. Decent healing but not game breaking.
2 / 5

KUNOICHI ****** Level 70 Gold
Looks cool, sounds cool and for a character that has a base of 1 star she is very strong! But I am not a fan of that health trade off that her Silver skill brings. Not using her much.
2 / 5

MANDRAKE ******* Level 70 Gold
The recommendation I got from everyone when I started playing was ”get Mandrake, level him up, promote him to Gold - then you can start the game for real”. He’s farmable from the PVP store. And yes, he’s good! Don’t stare at his Silver and Bronze skills - they’re not impressive (but not bad!) - it is Gold that makes him shine and it’s a lifesaver in so many situations. Ginger beard.
5 / 5

MATADOR ******* Level 70 Gold
Hmmm… Probably the one that I think get’s more praise than he’s worth. While not BAD, I often see him mentioned as one of the top characters but I can’t see why. He can demolish a cover while also dealing a bash of damage to an enemy and his healing isn’t just up there compared to Gammond (or Heimlock but that’s an unfair competition). If you still haven’t got Heimlock and you desperately need another healer then farm Matador. But don’t spill too much sweat. Typical B- or C-team guy.
3 / 5

MAVEN ******** Level 70 Gold
What can I cay? She deals good damage - constantly, but dies very easily. The green smoke is a plus (I like green smoke) and she’s definitely someone you should get going pretty fast. If I let her fall behind I suspect I won’t miss her much though but I don’t plan on letting her fall behind since her fragments drop in daily.
4 / 5

MAULER ******* Level 70 Platinum
Cool guy. Fast recharges and deals decent damage + add a few status changes. I love putting him in a team of disorienters because that means lots of passive damage all over.
4 / 5

MOSS ****** Level 70 Platinum
Moss is good for four things: looking cool, green smoke, sniping and healing. Too bad I got other snipers and healers that does what he does but better. While I am not a fan of the self-damage tradeoff for his team heal skill I have to admit that the healing comes in handy, quite often restoring all team mates to full health again. His Silver is a bit clunky to use.
4 / 5

NIGHTINGALE ****** Level 70 Platinum
I stopped using her as soon as I had other options but recently picked her up again due to her being relatively easy to promote to Platinum - with a helpful Platinum skill. While still a bit under my A-team standard she’s good for the B-team.
4 / 5

ODACHI ******* Level 70 Platinum
An amazing ninja! Awesome Bronze single target attack, useful Silver skill with diverse effects and a Gold and Platinum skill in perfect harmony; Platinum will make sure the enemy dies quicker and Gold will heal Odachi up whenever he’s killing somone. My number 1 Dogface counter and a steady member of my best team.
5 / 5

ORACLE ******* Level 70 Platinum
This is one sick all-arounder! She’s got good damage output, she heals, she speed skill charge up for everyone, she disorients, she’s fast, she’s lethal. Already at 6 stars she makes a huge difference in my 8 and 7 star teams, can’t wait to see her grow.
After long considerations I decided she would be my first Energy hero at Platinum. I am very pleased with that choice.
4 / 5

ORO **** Level 74 Gold
Oro isn’t popular. But I like him, nothing is cooler than seeing him clean the entire enemy army in one sick attack. Also his Bronze skill can be deadly but it often misses the target - of rather the target dodges it. But that Silver skill - very good. At my current level it does like 30.000 damage to every enemy - I have seen a stronger Oro that dealt like twice as much. Badass.
3 / 5

Panzer ***** Level 70 Platinum
She’s good! For a time she used to be unstoppable but they fixed that. She’s basically a Dogface but a reverse one: while he gets super strong and deadly late in the match Panzer starts out with a fully loaded 20 shell SHOTGUN with SICK DPS and a POWERFUL direct damage skill almost fully charged! Will kill someone in a few seconds but once she’s done she needs to reload for half a minute.
4 / 5

PHALANX ***** Level 70 Platinum
She’s cool. Starts the battle by shielding everyone but sadly the shield is a bit underwhelming (but it helps, sure does). One of her other skills is another shield but a personal and much better one, and she can also spit out a huge energy ball that no one can put a stop to. Goes in a straight line and flips everyone in its way over. Not a godly girl but a good girl indeed.
3 / 5

PHOENIX ******* Level 70 Gold
After the recent upgrade to her I grant her one more point. She can actually inflict good damage and shut down enemies for long periods thanks to her grenade.
The Gold skill, which is her niche, is still very bad though.
4 / 5

PRIS ***** Level 57 Silver
What I have to say about Pris is what I’ve been saying about a bunch of characters already: deals good damage but dies immediately if not pampered with buffs. There’s seldom a good spot for her and once I get her going she’s quite so-so. Her stun attack also stuns herself so I don’t know about that. Her grenade is powerful but why not just dodge it?
2 / 5

PROPHET ******* Level 70 Gold
When I first booted the game up and saw Prophet I was like ”I’ll never gonna get that AWESOME LOOKING CHARACTER on my team!” then I opened a hero crate and viola - Prophet. While he is definitely powerful and can buff himself into being even more so it takes a while for him to reach full potential - but when he does - OMG someone’s going down. In a stand-off between him and Dogface - who’s my sniper of choice? I have to give it to Doggie.
4 / 5

RAZORBACK ******* Level 75 Platinum
His tanking kit is very smart and useful in many rough situation. And I ”love” his ”smile”…
4 / 5

RONIN ***** Level 70 Gold
Someone said ”Ronin is the best character ever!” so I levelled him up only to realise this Someone was joking. I still had good use of Ronin up until recently - but he’s not going to be strong enough to be doing any more work. I still like his color pattern so I’m trying to use him daily in the Gauntlet.
3 / 5

RYKER ****** Level 70 Gold
Bland and boring startup guy, can hardly inflict any good damage and doesn’t survive long when things get serious.
2 / 5

SALVATORE ******** Level 70 Gold
This guy is my friend. Easy to unlock - fairly easy to build (at least he used to be!). Often my top damage dealer and top DPS guy but I mainly use him against stationary targets such as bounties. They say he’s too slow to be useful in PVP.
There’s something crazy about his running-style and his grenades flying all over.
4 / 5

SAPPHYR ******* Level 70 Gold
My latest distraction from starting my Platinum journey was to get Sapphyr going.
She’s good, rapid fire rate and quick reloads. Going invisible for 16 seconds is great helpful in any mode, and being invisible brings out her true powers (critical chance, boosted damage, boosted Bronze skill - which is powerful like mad even without invisibility). A bit low on health points maybe but is likely to survive better than a self-healer due to that invisibility.
4 / 5

SAVAGE ******* Level 70 Gold
Another really good hero - big as a house with the coolest machine guns in the game. Get his Bronze going and you’ll definitely kill a few targets. Get his Silver activated before you do the Bronze thing and he’ll heal you while killing them off. Top guy - wish his Gold skill had some kind of usage but it’s sadly terrible.
If you zoom his pointy finger in the Heroes menu in you can see it’s really dirty. Love you Savage!
4 / 5

SCUM ***** Level 70 Gold
I Initially rated him 2 / 5 but I have changed my mind after using him in the Dojo and the Bounty Hunts. He’s really good, durable and powerful. Still very similar to all other green DPS guys. If I could give half points he’d get a 3.5 / 5 but that is against the rules. He’s not quite a 4, though.
I think he’s good especially in the Dojo because there are so many enemies that constantly run around to spread the poison clouds among each other.
3 / 5

SENTRY ****** Level 70 Gold
This guy, is he related to Prophet? They’re quite similar but different.
Sentry is the frustrating sniper that makes your characters stagger all the time. This alone was the reason to why I wanted to promote him. He’s not bad, he offers a bit of self synergy and is fun to use if you use him right. His health is quite low but he can regenerate some of it if going invisible. While invisible you can also make the best of his Bronze skill which takes a few seconds for him to perform (and while he’s aiming it he stands exposed to fire so invisibility definitely helps here). While this shot is nowhere near the blast of Prophet it’s good enough for a guy who started out as a 1*.
3 / 5

STEELE ******* Level 70 Gold
I used to like Steele but that was before I was woke. Steele is badly designed and needs a better shield or something because this guy dies before you’ll even noticing it.
His Bronze skill is a nice thing - if you can make it work. It’s basically an endless clip, increased fire rate, increased damage… But it also means he’ll be standing up a lot and being a big buy he’s an easy target.
2 / 5

SURGE ******** Level 74 Platinum
Not a fan. He can lift an enemy up which is basically a stun but in the air. It’s helpful. But everything else about him is so far nothing special. Tiny damage etc. One of the worst Gold skills so far. I’m sick of seeing his face pop up whenever I open a crate. He got a new skin but it’s the most bland alternative skin so far. I even promoted him to Platinum in hopes of making him useful. Meh++.
2 / 5

WESSON ****** Level 74 Gold
I think Wesson is totally OK but apart from other new additions to the game he doesn’t bring anything really new. He’s got a marking + heal block skill and a all-team AoE mech attack (like Hideo, Panzer). He looks cool and he’s old AF.
3 / 5

YANLONG ****** Level 70 Gold
Before I unlocked him my question was: ”Is he good or bad or just ugly?”. After unlocking him my question is: ”why isn’t he generally rated higher!?”.
Have you ever been in a PVP match against only Yanlong standing? He’s sick. He can sit in lotus position to heal himself, he can build his own armour up, he doesn’t care much about enemy armour, he penetrates shields! His bronze skill, while very slow to charge and suuuuper slow to launch, can kill several enemies, AND demolish covers. His shotgun is fast and seem very accurate in aiming. This is an all-rounder but a bit too selfish maybe. But I love him. Really wanna get more stars on him. NO ONE CAN MAKE RAGDOLLS FLY LIKE YANLONG OMG.
3 / 5


I know these are your personal opinions, but seeing 2/5 on Moss and Nightingale kinda hurts my feelings.

Nightingale is probably the hero who can proc their heal skill faster than anybody else (talking about active skills, not passives like Keel’s gold or Moss’ plat), so she can save lives early on the fight, allowing those heroes enough time to use their own skills. She does a good job preventing your enemy to burst down your most important hero before other heals can start rolling out.

Also 15% chance to stun for 4 secs can be devastating (if you are lucky)


Yeah I know I probably downrate them a bit but getting Prophet early on made me put all other snipers on hold. They’re both probably good and I will eventually pump them up and probably change my opinions on them. :slight_smile: I certainly believe that Nightingale will shine when promoted to Platinum - but that’s not going to happen anytime soon for me.

Solid review on most heroes for silver and gold levels but some of what you’ve said changes tremendously once you unlock plat skills.

Moss is a excellent healer and can heal the most health wise of any healer in the game and once you have his plat skill he only gets better. He is squishy and has to be paired with a secondary healer but shouldn’t be overlooked.

Cinder once platted and inserted into the standard halo meta team is a monster. At level 65 her plat skill gives 4500 dmg and 35k health per each piece of cover destroyed.

Nightingale as stated earlier is best at keeping you alive early and is a great all around healer. She won’t carry a team healing wise but is a great secondary and her silver and gold skills are nothing to overlook either I’ve seen both win games.

Razorback is the best tank currently in the game because of all the damage he absorbs then inflicts back on his attacker’s and is a much more reliable source of damage than fortress for example because he has a taunt. Once he taunts in pvp all the A.I. controlled players focus on him instead of the softer targets leaving only the player character to contend with. I’ve had several games where he has gotten me a win by taking out 2-3 heroes in one pop of his shield.

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I guess I just haven’t seen Razorbacks shield deflect yet. I guess it happens but I don’t notice the effect. I’m playing him all the time though and I’m pretty sure my opinion will change in not too long. I Golded him just a few days ago.

I’m surprised that there is no Cross / Cast included.

There was a time when the two are like the only character for me, along with Butter, Nightingale and Ryker.

I never used them, they’re still at the bottom of my roster totally un-levelled, un-invested in. I got better tanks and snipers early on so I never cared about these guys. :slight_smile:

Moss is updated since I Golded him so he has 3 / 5 now.
I’ll also pump Nightingale up since it’s UAF month but I suspect I’ll stop at Gold even though her Platinum sure looks nice.

Nightingale is one ofy favorites, I have her at 9* platinum, she’s dealing good damage and has an amazing healing capability, I run her as my go to PvP hero(alongside mandrake ofc)

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I can no longer edit the original post.

This is a good side note for new players. Haha since we never had an update on the tier list from the vets. Quality post =)

THB it’s not been updated in a long time, I have more things to say, to add, to change! But the option to edit my post is gone. I guess I’ll have to make a new thread if I can’t get my edit mode back.

Please do make a new list.

It will be short, seeing that we have, shall we say… a limited number of viable pvp heroes.

I have at least 30 heroes I rely on in PVP but not all of them can compete against the top-teams. Hivemind, Butter, Nightingale, Halloway and Cinder for instance is what I’m running now and it works and it’s fun. We have different ways of playing the game.

He just doesn’t get that most heroes aren’t weak, but that they can’t compete with Irfit, who isn’t overpowered in his own world, but he wouldn’t take out of his first team by any means to show us that he is beatable.

I hope he doesn’t spam this thread, because I like it. But it needs an update. I would offer my help if you are interested.
Personally I enjoy playing Ghoul at the moment and he does quite well. To see a much run into a one hit by his bomb is just great :grin:

As mentioned I can’t update it more. I contacted the admins asking why the edit feature isn’t available for the original post but haven’t heard back yet.

Look, I’m not imagining.

A moderator helped me get my edit function back so yey, it’s updated now.
The highlight is that Butter now went from a 2 to a 4!

long description but I liked it gave me crazy ideas gg in the end I in my games PVP of 100% won 70% to 80% and use gamond as I love your killer shot. the golden ability must be changed. I can never see that he is in action and, if so, I doubt he wins.