Unfair 2v2 Co-op matchmaking

I’m not sure how the matchmaking works but this seems a tad bit unfair :worried:

Someone has already made a post about this. And Muninn has already explained why that’s happens. :wink:


Whoops, I did not see that thread! Thanks a bunch :woozy_face:


It happens because not much players have updated yet, and it automatically matches you for fast games

Jado, we actually came across a ruby team while we had only 8 star plats

Instead of complaining look at it as a learning experience so you can get better. Sometimes it’s not all about power, but your pvp skills. Work to improve them. That’s what worked for me.

Complaining? Learning experience so you can get better? Ruby against Gold? Tell me more about PVP skills and how you improve them, lol.

Matchmaking in team PVP is totally broken now.


I got destroyed in split sec… top this! Lol :joy:
(Not complaining … I just find that hilarious)


Well that is hilarious! I get it, that match was purely one sided and unfair.

Point taken. Sorry about that. I’m sure all the bugs will get worked out soon. My guess since they opened legendary bracket the system is getting over loaded and that mucks up the whole matchup. Give it time, they’ll work it out soon enough.

I’ll top yours.


Poor guys :frowning:

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Pack it up guys. Shut it down. Raz wins.


Yeah! Flexes

In all seriousness, as more people have begun playing, the matchmaking system for co op pvp has gotten better like Muninn said it would. That was from yesterday when it was still wonky.

Oh my goodness! :rofl:

The match here was pretty balanced in terms of power, but apparently the game wants me to sandbag hard?

From what I’ve seen, there is a significant penalty for playing an unbalanced team, which makes me smile! Have to find balance, and play smart. Lol

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