Unique lines from some heroes

At the end of a wave some heroes seem to have unique lines. Here are some I captured. C811243E-57BB-4443-B53A-2F3B6E2F0E68 0B5168E0-5B4F-4D0B-BD5D-08F95FCAA460 14816021-2A98-4FDB-B34B-B66C3BE2DF6B 55CF10F5-20D7-429E-8C4E-70193F3F410D 2ED64D20-9094-4BCD-8507-86EBAF40B060
I wonder what factors can bring them to say something or are they all in random

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I’ve been wondering that as well. I’ve had Dogface say, “Nice shot” and “Hooah”, Cross say, “I think there’s a shortcut up ahead”, and Ryker say, “We’ve got ‘em on the run!” It must have some kind of connection to the level you’re playing, because I play a bunch of missions in Disrticts 1-3 and the lines halfway made sense with the story.