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Hello! So I decided to make this after noticing how long everyone’s name were inside the game. I got curious and decided to do an Abbreviation Guide so that everyone has an easier life trying to discuss heroes on a daily/hourly basis.Also fun fact, I did an average on the amount of letter for all the current (47) heroes, and in came out to about 7. 7 letter average per name. That sounds small, but that’s excluding that fact that about half of them are above the 7 letter average, which is saying something. Anyway, enough with the complaining, and onto the abbreviations!

First off, here’s a list of those that don’t need an abbreviation for obvious reasons:


Next up, list of heroes that need and are a must have in conversations! Here we go:

Heimlock = HeimLock = HL

Heckler = Heckler = Heck

Chesterfield = ChesterField = CF

Odachi = Odachi = Oda

Richter = Richter = Rich

Salvatore = Salvatore = Sal

Mandrake = ManDrake = MD

Nightingale = NightinGale = NG

Operator = Operator = OP

Matador = Matador = Mata

Hardscope = HardScope = HS

Gammond = GamMond = GM

Dogface = DogFace = DF

Castellan = CasTellan = CT

Elite Rifleman (you’re joking, right) = Elite Rifleman = ER

Mauler = MauLer = ML

Fortress = Fortress = Fort

Halloway = HalloWay = HW

Hivemind = HiveMind = HM

Vanguard = VanGuard = VG

Razorback = RazorBack = RB

Phalanx = PhalanX = PX

Francoise = FranCoise = FC

Prophet = ProPhet = PP (Yes, I’m serious, and also this is just a small gripe with Prophet existence too, definitely worthy)

Artemis = Artemis = Arte

And lastly, here’s a list of heroes that may or may not need abbreviation, depending on the person talking. Also, it’s difficult for even me to figure out some of the abbreviations for these guys. They tend to have 5-6 letters, so negligible names:


Savage ~ Sav






Rhyker ~ Rhy






Well, that should just be about it for this guide, if you have any questions or recommendations, make sure to reply or pm me, and I’ll be happy to help! Also! You can join our Hero Hunter Discord here at this link!

Sorry for the self plug, but it seems like a good time to do it

Hope this helps!

A Fellow HH Player


Awesome guide @Karapian!

Really like it! :+1:

Yes, got to love those acronyms when people dont know what they mean XD this guide is great and people should use it. Hopefully we wont need a guide for:gtg,dps,brb or eta etc.

I wouldn’t mind making a guide for some other general terms like cc, dmg opt, hl, and many other gen game type acronyms

I like the fact that Operator is now called OP

@HecklerP - Please don’t resurrect a 9-month old thread.

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OK mate I wont post any 9-month old threads