Original Voices for our Heroes

Almost every hero introduced in the game says “unique” and “outstanding among the rest.
You can say that almost every Hunter out there has their specific favorite, regardless if it’s because of skill, design, or any other reason.

I know this has been brought up several times, and I do have to admit that I have a personal agenda in this idea, but I really wish that people in HotHead consider giving these heroes a voice of their own.
You do have to admit that it’s gonna get tiring when we get to our “Hero number 100,” and the voices are the same 10-11 voice clips we hear from the first generation heroes.

This is a rant but please here me out.
I’m a voice actor, mostly I do voice-overs back when I was at high school, but when I got to the US, my skills are getting thrown away in the back because of stress, schedule and personal matters. Hero Hunters is one the games that helped me cope, little by little, with things in life that I should’ve done a long time ago. The game thought me how to be organized, how to lead and be an example, at least for a short amount of time. It’s a great game, not perfect, but it’s enjoyable and fun.

As a fellow hunter, I appreciate the responses and the communication you people are giving us, and again, I enjoy a lot in this game.
But as a man that thrives for art, I do want to see this game improve and have it’s own life.
I’m pretty sure that a good chunk of hunters besides me are willing to give these heroes the life they deserve.


Yes I fully agree. It is weird hearing the exact same voices coming out of different heroes. I also don’t like the gravelly and butch sounding voice given to many of the female heroes like Flatline saying “yep” when she activates a power.
On the plus side I have been damn impressed with how HH Games have given all the weapons (& most powers) individual sounds. The sound design in that aspect is exceptional.


I mentioned this I don’t know how many months ago but the devs said that finding voice actors can be difficult and expensive.


Just a thought for the devs… There are open source programs (aka freeware) like Audacity that can be used for the manipulation of audio tracks. You can change the pitch, speed, and tempo of any audio file. I use it all the time (mostly for cutting or splicing out parts of songs I don’t like - for example the 1 minute and 20 second intro to Holy Diver by Dio, seriously way too long before you get to the good stuff).

I know it isn’t ideal, but you could take some of the existing voices and run them through some filters to make them a bit more unique. It’s a thought. I’d have to have the original voice snippets as mp3’s to test this out, but it would be far cheaper than hiring voice actors considering I would do this for free in a heart beat. I love this game but I would really enjoy it if each character had their own unique voice.

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This has been brought up many, many times. While we love the idea, it’s just not feasible for us to take fan voices and put them in the game. I could list all the reasons, but we’ve been through every counter argument already. To save time: trust that it’s something we would love to do, and we’ve explored it, but just isn’t feasible.

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Why don’t you get some of your family members to do the voices? Surely other companies don’t have such problems? Hearing Flatline grunt like Callidus, for example, is just horrid and one of the reasons why I keep my game on silent. It’s a pity, too.

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We have!

Basically, any suggestions that seem like no-brainers, we’ve either considered or implemented. Trust us. There are reasons for what we do, always, and all of the obvious routes have been followed or have proven ineffective.

Feel free to read into that how you want, but we won’t be able to provide any further insight as to why things are the way they are right now in terms of character voice.


Are there credits for the voice actors?

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