Unplayable bounties

Hey everyone!
I’m from France and like 45 mins ago we aren’t able to play on coop modes (from gorgon wakes to bounties)…
We’ve lost 2 ranks (top 100 ally) and still waiting for bounties to be playable…

Is this problem only for France players? Some ally still doing points, so we will lost our rank in a few and won’t be able to take back our rank…

Sorry for my english, i tried to make it good, hope you will understand what I wanted to share.

Thanks for reading and doing something,

Same here, I am from Sweden. I haven’t been able to play since woke up 2 hours ago.
I heard that several UK players are also affected.

What happens is that after I pick my team the app goes into eternal loading until I force close it.

Same here is South Africa, this is really annoying

Yeah, it’s frustrating to see that just a handful players in my alliance can still play while we’re losing rankings. Some alliances seem to have no one affected by the connection issues.

Same here Nae
I am in France too

Like i posted on other opened topic, same here, Slovenia :frowning:

Seems to be an European problem. Asia and USA can play.

I saw at least one US player (west coast) on Discord who couldn’t connect.

not true asia here also not working

Mhhh we have California and Phillipines playing.

So no problem of region but something else.

Android, Netherlands here same problem.

Germany =,[
Do we lose rank by the minute if it works in other countries?

They acknowledge the issues now in the in game chat. :slight_smile:

Better late than never :roll_eyes:

I don’t know what time it is in HHG head quarters now but I don’t expect them to work 24h. Glad to see they’re on it now and waiting for a fix. :slight_smile:

They are in Vancouver so 8 hours behind you and me.

But if I run a game as big as this and some others too, I should have someone working for emergencys like that. That is at least my opinion.

Vietnam players are also experiencing that

It has been fixed, I don’t know when but I am able to play!
Hope we will have a gift :3

I had the same problem also dutch, I could in the beginning but want able to finish while on the train, also had pvp issues

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