Upcoming Events (August 20 - August 26)

Hello Hunters!

I hope your Friday is going well and you already got Barrel. :gun:

We have some good news and some not-so-good news. :grimacing: The not-so-good news is that the connection issue with Co-op and PvP is still ongoing.

The good news is that our amazing team is working around the clock to fix it. :muscle:

Since the update is now out, so are the events and some of them may be affected by this problem. If we are unable to fix the issue before the first Co-op and PVP events start and they get affected, we will make sure that you get a chance to play for the rewards after the problem is resolved. So, no worries about lost opportunities. We won’t let that happen! :heart_hands:

With that being said, here are the upcoming events

:exclamation:Please keep in mind that this schedule may be updated due to the connection issues.

Into The Dojo Coop Raid
August 20 - September 2

War Season
August 22 - August 26

Vanguard Solo Raid
August 22 - August 26

Solo PVP Blitz!
August 23 - August 25

PVP Tournament: Barrel and Valkyrie
August 23 - August 25

Paladin Coop Raid
August 25 - September 1

Barrel and Valkyrie Bounty Blitz!
August 26 - August 29

Bounty Event
August 26 - August 29

Brawl: Faction Fight
August 26 - August 29

Thank you for your patience and support!

See you in-game!


Can’t wait! (To try out the hero lol, can’t use him at all)

folks, it takes so long for a simple update…a common update…no change at all…no implementation of anything significant. ! NOTHING HAS CHANGED…and there was all this delay!!! how far does it go???

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I truely hope they have started working on the next update, because this one felt a little dry, I’ll say it again;

“Content isn’t a hero every update, it’s new things and stuff for us to do and enjoy.”

clearly you didnt read the patch notes nor the Astrix and Stratus Buffs.



clearly reading isnt your strong suit. good luck in the future. try not to yell for no reason. :v:t3:

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Young man? Aren’t you that kid in the picture? but yes there is new content, plus the solo raid, plus the co-op raid, plus pvp and bounty is coming up, I do so suggest you fix your eyes.

Edit; don’t know why this was flagged; also there is a surprise coming up for the higher ups only :wink:

If possible add a special offer for fiber
Like Serial offer

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While the PVP & Co-Op Raid fix is being completed, it would be great if the developers could remove the 15 fragment daily limit on coop raid. :crossed_fingers:

I am ready to hear your suggestions and ideas about how to improve the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you hate this game so much why are you still here?

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Add special offer for fiber
If you agree with this idea, please reply. with yes or no
I need fiber :slight_smile:

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