Upcoming Events (August 3 - August 5)

Hello Hunters!

This week’s schedule comes with a pinch of backstage info. :wink: The update is in the last stages of development. :wrench: An anonymous game master shares that there will be no Nerfs this time. Some might have missed the Discord chats, so it’s also worth reminding that we’re waiting for a Ranger to step into the spotlight really soon. :star_struck:

Now, for the events. Here’s some ice cream :icecream: while you check them out.

Co-op Raid Helios Descends
August 3 - August 9

Bounty Event
August 5 - August 8

Valkyrie and Voltage Bounty Blitz!
August 5 - August 8

See you in-game!


YES A BOUNTY!!! This is just what we need while we wait!!! Thanks Deca!


Looks like I need to start working on my Ranger heroes then. Can’t wait for the new update!

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‘Patience’ has become an overused term in the forum to smooth players’ mood, which itself reflects how bad things are at the moment. @bulls.eye , I wonder how many technical guys are actually working on this game from DECA? How come it takes so long for you guys to get things moving? If making a new hero takes time, why not just give more events to fill the gap (please add some twists to make them fun though)? After all, the players is the most important asset in this game, and we are or about to losing lots of them :frowning:


Patience young padawan, (there are other things in life we can do while we wait,)

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