Upcoming events: June 10 - June 17


New week is coming as well as new events! Let’s see what we have:

Brawl: Faction Fight

June 10 - June 13

War Season 38

June 13 - June 17

Capacitor Solo Raid

Only UAF Airborne and The Watch Faction heroes are allowed in this event!

June 13 - June 17

Solo PvP Blitz

June 14 - June 16

PvP Tournament: Voltage + Yeager!

June 14 - June 16

Bounty Event

June 17 - June 20

Featured factions: The Watch and UAF Airborne

Gear up your team!

Found it!
Wave 1. Rearline. Look up fully and then look under the flag to your left above you. If you don’t know where it is just hide behind cover for a better view. It is very tiny

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