Upcoming Events: June 20 - June 26

Hello Heroes!

Let’s see what next week has in store for us. Here’s a doughnut while you read. :doughnut:

Transistor Co-op Raid with UAF Airborne & The Watch
June 20 - June 24

Brawl: Elemental Wars
June 20 - June 21

Solo PVP Blitz!
June 21 - June 23

PVP Tournament: Voltage and Matador!
June 21 - June 23

Alliance Hero Fragment Blitz! (Updated)
June 24 - June 28

Brawl: Faction Fight with UAF Airborne & The Watch
June 24 - June 27

Into The Dojo Co-op Raid
June 25 - July 8

See you in-game!

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Can’t wait!!! Pumped to be having so much to do!

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Raising the amount of frags you obtain per co-op run doesn’t help if you don’t raise the daily limit of frags you can acquire. Please raise the daily limit as well! Thank you!

Who’s next for the pvp store?

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