Upcoming Events (May 13 - May 20)

Hello Hunters!

Let’s get ready to rumble! Next week will bring you the long-awaited Community Clash Danger Sim! Face the teams prepared by your fellow players and emerge victorious!

Hope you’ll also have fun reading the team intros written by yours truly which contain some easter eggs (not the flying type) from our community chats!
On the image above you can see the final boss wave in the Danger Sim - CptLappo’s “Love, Death and Robots”!

“Adept” Co-Op Raid
May 13 - May 17

Brawl: Elemental Wars
May 13 - May 14

Solo PVP Blitz!
May 14 - May 16

Tournament: Axel and Illuminar
May 14 - May 16

Extreme Solo Raid!
May 16 - May 21

Brawl: Faction Fight
May 17 - May 20

Min’s Danger Sim: Community Clash Special!
May 18 - May 24


See you in-game!


How long do you think it will take before the next new hero? Just curious about the transition

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Hey Mega, if all goes well, the next update and new hero should come in 2-3 weeks since updates got switched to once every 6 weeks for now.

Hi Willow, will there be compensation for war leaders who participated in 3 wars and lose to teams who didn’t because totals are not calculated correctly. Look across the leagues it seems all the totals are compromised. Some teams it doesn’t affect but others it does. This was communicated already , yes?

For teams that do not want to do war to get rewards will there be an alternative offered to acquire the rewards without having to depend on others who can’t participate when they can like a min simulator or something else. This was also suggested as well, yes?

Finally will you or Deca remain to overseee until they can handle the reigns of game operation if it runs a month or longer beyond transition. Deca took a long time a year to get acquainted from delays to delays for regular updates we get now. So will Deca remain longer than hhg because HHG didn’t do us any favors for the transition to run smooth for Deca.

Thank you

Hello! Let me address your questions

  1. No issues have been reported by anyone for the last war. Looking at the current top 5, I don’t see any problems with how the total score is calculated. Please keep in mind that the total is always a sum of the 2 best wars of the season. So for example if we look at the current number 5 - their two best wars were 2 and 3, so the system calculates 1551171 + 1644081 = 3195252 which is their current total. Of course, if an alliance participates only in one of three wars, their total is going to be only that score since there’s no other score. That doesn’t make the other alliances’ total scores incorrect.

  2. Currently only war, bounty and a couple of blitzes are alliance-centred events. If SuperCompany decides to create another alliance-oriented event in the future, that would be great.

  3. We have done our best to provide them with all the information they need and remain open to any questions they might arise.

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