Upcoming PvP Brawl ... Missing a reward?

Hi there HHG,

I realise this is a community forum and not really a place to address you guys directly however, not really sure where else to post my issue/question.

Previously, since the ‘Brawls: Faction Fight’ events started, there has always been a portrait as a reward for your final standing in the event. What happened with this coming event (UAF vs The Watch) that starts on the 23rd of September? Is there none? or is it a display glitch? or something else entirely?

Personally, I would like to see one for it so I can continue to build my stockpile of silver portraits. As an alliance, we like to aim to have one of our members clinch that rare first place portrait.

Some confirmation on this either way, would be greatly appreciated.



Hmm maybe because we already got too many UAF ones? Maybe the Watch is still a WIP.

Portraits are another tool we use to see player achievements and accomplishments. Idk why we havnt seen any portraits lately, it gave players a good feeling showing off something that they have earned by working hard and grinding. Also, there was only one portrait in one bounty event. Let’s bring those back to

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@Sir_Blumpkin correct. It shows general activity within the game and gives alliance some perspective with potential recruits.

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So it seems it was not a glitch in the display of the rewards.

There simply was just no portrait for that faction brawl. A little disappointing to say the least and especially for Osric Temper given his momentous effort/score.