Icons / Portrait

Shouldn’t there be a way to get all the portraits? I’m thinking of players who are relatively new to the game. Even if the game is a bit advanced
(in the sense that it is 3 years, World Release 2 years) you should be able to get everything there has ever been.

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Get the hero/skin, get the portrait.

I’m actually talking about those who have nothing to do with the actual heroes but about the special portraits;)

So the brief events? Like razordome or simulator or whatever? Cause that happens every year. It may not say 2019 on there but just do it

I’m confused why u want them? Do they do something for you that I’m unaware of, or just eating up more storage?

not only, there have been some in the past, well let’s call them events that (until now) have not been repeated.

@ Tw7tCh
I didn’t say I want them, it’s about players who may have been playing for six months and can’t get these portraits

Why would someone bother over those? They are useless.

its more a long the lines of cosmetics. better ones always come later. so they wont miss out completely.

if they missed out during that event of that year, then its a miss though

If new players can get portraits from 1 to 2 years ago, that would destroy the “special” Part of the event. I did not have many portraits when I started, yet as I have played and participated in the events, I have collected more than enough.

Patience and determination are necessary for this game, whether it’s getting to level 100, but getting special portraits, new events will come around, and new portraits will come with them.


I tell yah what, I’ll trade yah all my emblems, on the cheap, like 10 alliance gems a pop, or two for 20 stamina, or get the five for 10 qw tix limited time offer. Any of which are more useful/valuable than emblems.

Yup its simple enough :slight_smile:no participation no portrait

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I think you misunderstood me. This is not about me, but about players who have just started this game. What about Devastion, Spotlight, Showdown? I have over 250 portraits myself to make it clear again that it is not about me

I think that everyone understood what you meant. You get portrait for participating in event. Would be serious waste of time for devs to think about this, its not that they dont have more serious things to work on.