Update on Chat Issues, Server Performance, Bounties, and Kurtz Frags

Hey Hunters,

As Hero Hunters is a community-focused game with competitive aspects, it can be harder for our players to enjoy the free content we produce every month when things aren’t always working the way they should.

I would like to take the time to apologize for a few issues that have come up over the past little while, and detail what happened a bit more clearly.

Chat Issues

Many of you experienced an issue after upgrading to version 1.16 (and 2.0, which was developed simultaneously) where chat messages may fail to send. This affects only certain players, but the inability to communicate has definitely impacted the community, and made it harder to coordinate actions in Alliance Wars and Bounties.

We got a lot of calls for a patch, and we took the time to investigate whether that was a possibility. This issue in particular was a lot more complex than initially thought. Unfortunately, what we learned was that the chat issues causing messages to fail to send could only be solved by a full game update. That means that due to the timing of this discovery, the chat issues you’re experiencing will be solved with the version 2.1 update coming in early May.

This isn’t an ideal solution, but it’s the only option we have at present.

Server Performance and Bounties

From time to time, sudden influxes of players may cause our servers to have difficulty keeping up with player activity. We have measures in place to predict and prevent this, but no system is perfect, and it takes time to fire up backup servers, even when measures are taken.

This last weekend was particularly tough for a lot of you, especially when the game kept telling you to update to face a Bounty. That issue was resolved, but it still caused a lot of distress.

Kurtz Frags

Some of you may have noticed that Kurtz shows up as a reward on Hard Mission 14-10! This was not intended, and Kurtz will be removed from the rewards for 14-10, as he was only intended to be earned from Crates and offers, and through Alliance Wars rewards.

Simply put, it sucks. It’s understandable to be upset, seeing you have a chance to grind out a top-tier Hero, only to have that removed. Unfortunately, it has to be done for the game’s overall health, but that doesn’t make it sting any less.


It’s coming! We’ll be sending a package out as soon as we’re able as an apology to our players for a less-than-stellar experience. Keep an eye out for it in your inbox!

On behalf of the development team, thanks for being a part of the Hero Hunters community. We’re sorry for any inconveniences the above issues have caused, and are committed to ensuring that the play experience meets your expectations.

Thanks for your time!


Are you taking Kurtz frags away from those who had obtained on 14-10?

Thank you for the clear update. Appreciate you guys have to make decisions you do, I’m sure it’s not easy to strive the balance. It’s a shame chat broke that was a real pain but that’s life I guess roll on next update.

We won’t be removing Kurtz frags from people who were able to get them. That mission is still super hard!

@Muninn - Awesome summary and it’s great to see such a comprehensive explanation of some of the behind-the-scenes factors that aren’t readily apparent to us as players. I (and I’m sure everyone else) really appreciate the transparency on this; it most certainly calms our frustrations to receive a formal announcement like this when things are a bit rough.

Thanks again!


Thank you for the update and communication @Muninn.

I understand you guys are working on it.

I understand this is a terrible bug.

But I’m not going to like it untill I see results, that’s something I’ve been waiting for a long time, I’m not happy with recent development and I’m not alone.


Thank you for acknowledging some of the recent issues and explaining the corrective measures that will be taken. On a related note, I caught a bit of your appearance in VIP and while I understand people spend money for a product and are frustrated because they dont’ feel they’re getting what they pay for, some posts were just …well too much; it’s ok and in fact possible to be decent while expressing displeasure. I may not understand, or even like some of the changes you guys do, but one thing I stand by is that when you guys have an issue that impacts game play you make things right which is why I continue to play (in addition to of course enjoying the game).

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from time to time i see that “fail to send” when i send a message. but restarting the game and it shows that it did send.

otherwise our only way to properly communicate has been via discord since the chats dont work (officer especially)

Thank you Muninn. Appreciate the acknowledgement of the issue. Looking forward for the May update.

I’m very thankful that you have communicated the issue and have given us the solution that ur working on. It reassures us that you have noticed our messages and are working on it. Communication is an important key to prevent and solve many things. Lol

thank you for this. Can’t wait for next update

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So… No update on discriminating yeager offers?

Dont bite the ones that feed you.

I actually gave up co of and left a top 35 alliance cause of such crappy issues. This game has become more of a chore than it is to play anymore. Getting 20 frags max for season rewards in 1st every time would take… 29 alliance wars to unlock… that’s over a year of getting in first to unlock a hero. That’s insane.

I’ve been playing over a year and i don’t have the 3 old 7* heroes. Endgame content shouldn’t be obtained by everyone just like that.

Cool, chat was only broke for a few weeks and now we only have to wait a few more for it to FINALLY be fixed?

Are you goIng to also give iOS players extra rewards since they keep getting screwed over? Sure it’s not much each time, but all the little negatives add up (no access to Kurtz frags in hard, no access to the amazing VIP offerred last year, days behind for new updates almost every month, etc.).

Also, are you going to fix Ronin soon, or we gonna go yet another month with literally EVERY team running him? I love facing Ronin on every team at 80k+, and then also facing 5 plat bar, 10* Ronin on every team even at 40-60k on my lower teams because of your TERRIBLE balance/design changes with him that you have yet to correct or even acknowledge.

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Still the chat issues and basically for what I am reading we have to wait till may update. We’re very unlucky as we would have preferred that Kurtz frags couldn’t be fixed as soon. But looks like the team has done brilliant to fix the main interest of the profit in this game and seems to always find a solution on that. As for other issues you’re all taking your time to make sure you got it right this time. Even thought we all the issues there are is an amazing game: PAY TO WIN TO GET NOTHING

Y’all need to just be thankful that there is a game where the devs actually hear us play the game with us and try to make things right… please stop complaining or stop playing the game its not hard… all i ever hear is nerf this toon buff this toon blah blah blah… its a mobile game go play the ps4 xbox one and see if you get this kind of support… i dont like it no more than the next man but i do realize that this is just a game so i play and do me i dont worry bout the next man… thanks to all the dev team that give us a good game its a work in progress but i love the game and the fact that the devs do play and listen


It has nothing to do with profit. Different types of issues call for different solutions. The Kurtz frag issue was an easy fix. Unfortunately, chat was more complicated, and something that couldn’t be fixed by a spreadsheet change.

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And is kurtz in any crate or not yet? I was thinking like a kurtz tier crate. But please do not make it like brogan tier crate as honestly spending 600££ on Brogan that not only me but none uses him is to much to ask from your end. Except when I face a bot team may have brogan.