Unacceptable Kurtz Is Not playable

Title says it all. This is unacceptable! Pretty much if you use Kurtz bronze & then silver the game completely disconnects & freezes. I spent a good amount to get him & pretty sure others also… is there a fix coming ASAP besides the update? This is unacceptable… why would you release Kurtz if he was bugged still? Making people spend there money on someone not playable… sound like fraud. invested all my mech frags & gear to rank him up & now I can’t even use him… If I knew this was happening I wouldn’t have invest money, gear etc on KURTZ… if you have Kurtz try it out … use his bronze & then his silver & you will see… devs or HH any explaining ?

You can’t complain, Kurtz’s silver skill kills the weakest member of the team.

if you didn’t understand it, don’t reply

I just wrote a post about him, lol
I didn’t know that, and I just tested his silver, you are right, every time you want to use his silver, game freezes and you’ll be disconnected.

This is exactly the same problem as during the PvP event, I think there will be a fix to the next update

I posted about this 2 days ago when I got Kurtz. Remarkable that not one developer has commented on this yet. My support ticket has also been conveniently ignored. It was a $200 spend to get an unusable hero.

Why next update? That’s not right. We all spend money on Kurtz. Should be a fix ASAP. Not next update. Compensation or refund For the people who spent a lot of money on him…

The whole game has been building to them releasing Kurtz well over a year and he is broke when they do. This game is just about dead.

Rome wasnt built in a day.

nothing one demands will be fixed at this very moment. all you can do if wait for an update to fix whatever issue it has.

so mention it to support as nobody here can do anything about it. wait for the next patch.

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it’s the weekend, don’t expect them to work. This is their daily job, not their hobby.

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How hard is it to get it right the first time or test him before you release.

if getting a code right the first time was a thing, many companies would be overwhelmed with joy or the programmer slightly confused

I mean get it right before you release for the first time obviously.

sounds like a rare thing for any company involved with gaming. things get released. some things are bugged. contact support. wait for a fix. thats all you can do really

Thanks for the help gir. You are very knowledgeable.

People keep complaining, trying to push developers instead of burdened them permanently it’s getting boring

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That was a long way of saying: “Every time I use Kurtz’s bronze and silver together, the game crashes. Hopefully there can be a fix for this @devgametag.”

A balanced post invites a balanced response

Its a reasonable explaination though. Coding is tough, can’t predict code in games, pls wait 4 weeks for maybe we code said big issue.

I dont get why people would complain about any issue in any game if it was so easily jusitified.

Easiest thing to do is to think about console level pricing to give customers 1 broken character. Be glad you even got the hero. Dont expect them to fix it cause they dont owe you anything except a snarky remark since they cant give you a proper speedy response or a literal middle finger.

Don’t fret everyone, they’re on it. I’d have to say though, this thread was pretty harsh.


Thanks for getting in touch with us today, and for reporting the issue you’re currently experiencing. We appreciate you providing details regarding what you’re seeing, as it helps us track down the source of the problem.

We’re investigating this issue currently, and have team members devoted to working on a solution. This may take some time, and we don’t currently have an estimate of when we might have a solution, so we appreciate your continued patience while we work diligently to resolve this matter.

Thanks again,
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The way I see it, they are human and make mistakes too. Video gaming and programming is not an easy job. He’s still extremely valuable being piloted and using only his Bronze. I feel like they are moving towards a whole new stage of metas (new upcoming Morlock looks very OP and may be a direct counter?)?


Stuff like heimlock and phoenix have really good stun removal cuz they can cleanse. I imagine thats gonna be a big way to beat kurtz bronze teams