VIP 15 should give you 3 gauntlet resets

VIP 15 which is 4,800$ should give you 4 gauntlet resets.
VIP 13 which is 1,200$ invested in game should give 3 gauntlet resets.
VIP 10 should give you 2 resets
Every other VIP lvl should give you 1 additional reset.

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More like,
VIP 13/14/15 should give double Gauntlet rewards. People generally don’t want to spend more time playing Gauntlet, they see it as a punishment of sorts. To have more resets / day would make them frustrated.

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i think… vip players should be allowed 1 more reset then non-vip members.

VIP 10 has one more reset than VIP 0 - 9.

That’s a lot of money to invest into this game…

Kind of.
So? Wha are you aiming to prove by stating that?

That I can’t afford it XD

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