Dolphin Problems

Hey There,

By even starting this discussion, I imagine I will draw the ire of atleast a meaningful majority of our community. I’ve spent money on it this game. A chunk and half to be honest, I just broke VIP 11. I may not be a whale per se’, but I’m certainly a marine animal, let’s call me a dolphin.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge that what makes a good game like this is the accessibility it provides for those that are not able to give money. I am the first to admit that the money I can spend on this game is discretionary, and furthermore should not allow me to ruin the experience of other players. The fact that pvp points are awards in the same increments regardless of whether you killed a platinum mandrake, or a green hardscope speak to the fundamental design philosophy that these fine people have about their game.
I think that’s awesome and should not change.

That being said, I was wondering, getting to the actual meat of my question, iwhetehr you guys intend to add distinctive benefits, which I think should largely be passive (perhaps auto wins on gauntlets you’ve already completed) to VIP levels beyond 10.

You guys provided a redicllus reward of a 2nd gauntlet reset at 10, and then it seemed like all incentive has fallen off a bit

I know this might annoy people who have a free to play philosophy . And I feel you. To be honest had it not already be a thing, the extra gauntlet would have seemed preposterous as a VIP reward. That being said, as a dolphin, I am wondering whether there might be more reason to invest a in the game, so these fine people can feed their families, and so that we can all keep enjoying it.


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