VIP more needed for paying customers

Hi all , does anyone agree that the VIP should have much more included . I was hoping like more energy or perhaps additional raids or dojos . I have spent quite alot and just seems there really isnt much offered at higher levels.

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You could have looked up, what to expect from the Vip levels before spending, instead of copmlaining now.

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I kinda almost regret buying my way up to VIP 10,
it’s like the game plays itself on its own. I am glad for that extra Gauntlet reset, because damn right I need the bucks to keep up with all characters I unlocked too quickly.

Yeah I think there could be more. The extra gauntlet it the only thing worth buying and that’s $200

As vip you can buy more energy/skills, do more resets on raids. Basically makes it unlockable for you. Non vip dont get this. Also vip points is extra. You spend money to get gold. Being higher vip is just an extra benefit.

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