VIP chat server

@Rook Having more resources for VIPs would be great as most of us tend to be power users. My chat is constantly lagging due to the number of open chats from people messaging me and my history is always cleared due to the resource issue.

Hey @Jansen

Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the long response time, it was a long weekend here in British Columbia!

We are definitely investing time and resources into making chat better for you guys. We got some pretty big attention in the past two weeks which resulted in a LOT of new VIPs, so our main concern was keeping things online and stable. We’ve included some improvements in the February Update, which should be coming out pretty soon. After that update drops, can you do me a favor and post here with an update? If you experience does / doesn’t improve, we want to know.


Chat is working a lot better, and the history is now restored. However it seems to be refreshing and reloading the entire chat for all open chat channels everytime I switch to another chat. This is causing significant amounts of lag.

We’ll take a look at that @Jansen, thanks!

Sometimes while texting some messages are sent/shown twice. Still after the new update. Experienced in alliance chat and VIP Chat.

And is there a possibility I haven‘t found yet to close/delete private chats?