Voice chat

Question who else thinks voice chat would set this game off to the fullest. Whats your thought on it. Maybe we could start a poll to get this feature .

It would boost ratings boost players boost boost boost I study thing like this all the time this is wat I want to be an vedio editer can any one point me in the of the creaters or someone I could submit to that would be greatly

id just use discord for since it has voice chat and you can create chat rooms and get notified about it rather than finding things out (like getting help) hours after posted. i use it for better coordination with my alliance.

i kinda feel like voice chat on the mobile game would slow it down. just my opinion

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Sounds like a bad idea

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Despite how icky it feels, I find myself agreeing with Yosai :wink:

But for real, this is not a good game for voice chat.

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