Mail system for Officers etc in Alliances

Would be of great help if we could mail members in our Alliances to let them know about events etc. Chat is great but can be missed by other chat and message of day to short for valid info

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Maybe an added feature like, if the message of the day is refreshed, it either pops up or everyone has to press an acknowledgment button before proceeding to the game or chat,

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@Cool_hand that’s a great option, love it!!!

this is the main reason why most started their own Discord server. its mobile, its free and easy to use. chat in game either wont show up or the conversation will get removed after a period of time. here, you can do what you want and go back to what you want

Frankly I have a group line chat. Fact is we are so bombarded with information and messages Everyday. Hence I leave it to the members to join voluntarily, which only a few join. It’s a better platform to share info outside of in game chat system.

Discord is great if they log in enough like the other idea thou message of day box pop up and read button or even a red dot to highlight the message has been updated

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