War alliance

I’m looking for a solid war alliance I’m not big on bounties no more but I will do around 1-2 billion I’m level 90 and 1.2 million total power

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I am new to this forum so I don’t know if you will get this but I am commander of a pretty decent Alliance we are not 1.2 million each but a couple are over a million we all participate in the war and a few of us are a lot more serious about it than others but for the most part every one does there part I set my Alliance up as a player’s Alliance everyone has a voice and I make no decisions without an officer vote it gives and all officers are voted in it gives every one ownership and all players can make suggestions on anything but I would like someone that would like to coordinate with my top guys on a set strategy for war and maybe even put it to vote for a war only go to guy that will give guys who don’t know where to attack some direction I do assert my command when I feel it necessary but it’s not often it is good group of people and runs itself there are only 20 of us at this time and our power is over 16 million I know this has been draged out but I figured I would give you as much detail about us as I could my name is Sean AKA LOBOS GHOST 72 and USSTM IS MY ALLIANCE WE would be happy to have you regards Sean