War lag needs to be fixed

War lag is at an all time worst again, it WAS getting better and we were working with the devs giving feedback daily at reset but now it’s all gone out the window again. With the upcoming idea of 4 player PVP this simply can’t stand, the servers can’t take basic war. Can you begin to imagine a new feature connecting 4 players for PVP!?

Devs I hope you guys know why this is happening and I am sure you are working on it but for the last season it has been abysmal and war start depends entirely on who lags the least at this point.


When ur a commander and can’t load war or chat, it sucks. Needs to be fixed asap. Stresses the crap outta me :P.


Also i want a trade lol. vip dies


Well someone hmu in game for a kelp 70 trade lol name is same as on here

I cant seem to post anything to the strategy chat


I agree! It’s frustrating to try to load up your game at beginning of War.


We are looking into the war lag issues now, I understand it’s frustrating.

While I cannot confirm or deny any future PvP modes, I can say that PvP game modes run on a different set of servers than wars, so any changes we may or may not be making should not cause increased lag.


Any thoughts in staggering start time of new coops, new pvp tourney anytime war starts. Seems like the system got overloaded with 2 new coops,new pvp tourney, end of bounty.

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One hundred percent agree, like my other post, a month of bug fixing is so needed for this game

You said in VIP the other day that there was no lag though? I’m confused on your view here. Also lag isn’t a bug, it’s more of an issue with how the server processes inputs during reset, hopefully following what ZeroCool said we can work with the devs and report how bad/ if there is lag in the coming wars


It who you are matched against in war. Some players know about the extra half hour in world clock.

Wel i dont have lag in any way, but vip keeps disconnecting, thats all that annoys me

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Lol that’s just the beginning. Trying to stay top 20 in war when ur chat won’t load for the first hour or so will drive u insane @Robert_Pronk


Yup i can totally agree, drives me n-sane

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