Reset lag needs to be fixed

Someone from DECA needs to make reset less laggy, it’s pathetic that teams can’t even attack because the servers can’t handle people online. I mean it’s the one time a day when a lot of people are online, a game companies server should be able to handle it


Agreed. It actually makes everything almost impossible for at least half an hour after reset. Okelly and I tried doing co ops yesterday at reset as we had limited free time the rest of the day and it took us at least 20 minutes to just get the invite out so that it showed for the other person.

It’s the same every war, and logging out and back in doesn’t help, it’s def not internet when I have speed tests showing 120mbps wireless… but this has been an issue since the days of HH and never got fixed then either


Hey Faze!

We have a team that will be mainly focused on investigating and finding the cause (and hopefully a potential fix) of the war reset lag during this update.

I have personally made it a point to mention it as much as possible since I learned of its existence and to make sure your voices are heard about it.


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