War server error

What the heck happened with this war? We had server issues last season at the startup and this season it happened again only this time it cost a lot of us. Our alliance had most people there for a few minutes whilst at work and the issue didn’t look like it would be resolved so most went back to life. Y’all need to let us know with stuff like that

If it was something that was planned, we would have let everyone know ahead of time. This was an unexpected live issue. Thanks to everyone who reported it; we were able to resolve it quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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It cost a lot of us some serious points. We could’ve had a great start with the amount of people we had available before the glitch and lost a lot of them because of it. They went back to work and stuff. So here we sit I. 5th now because of a lack of people online when you fixed it. It created a very uneven playing field.


It’s one thing if your alliance was the only one to face this adversity, but everybody encountered the same thing and everyone had to scramble. It was a pain for all of us, but it’s time to let it go and move on.


I agree with pilfer, 1 war does not determine a season. Y’all will be fine


It’s the way they did it. They could’ve delayed the start and notified people of the error and let us all regroup. That’s my gripe.


Good point you have there

I woke up for war then seen the issue and almost went back to bed lol

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