Alliance War Match Making Question?

I am new to this game, so my apologies if this topic has been brought up before.

How does Alliance War match making work?

I am in a friendly alliance in the 37M range and only 2 people are at level 95 with a top team of 130k. The rest are in the 120K range. We are being paired up against Alliances that has similar total power, but they have over 15 people with a top team of 140-150K. No matter what we do, we just get over powered. The other 4 alliances decided to truce all and this has created a harsh environment for us.

So short of spending a lot money trying to level up quickly to keep up, we won’t stand a chance in this war or other future war with groups like that.

Why don’t the developers look at match up pairing based on top 20 teams as War is so heavily focused on top 20 and not overall power?

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Matchmaking has a few flags to look out for, I shall number them here:

  1. How equal in power are all your members? If you have a player at 1.8m and another at 1m then you will be punished by the matchmaking and face much larger alliances than yourself

  2. Are you 25/25 members? If you are under 25 members the matchmaking also punishes you

Normal matchmaking seems to have a delta of 10m at the top range, which is around 38-40m, if you are really struggling I would suggest dropping in power a bit and collectively increasing your teams top 5 for war. If you want help on how to reach ruby and the journey to it then follow this guide I posted:

The punishment matchmaking has a delta of above 10m, our current war has a 32m alliance and we are with a 50m alliance. This is because they have both of the above flags triggered, they are under 25 members and they have a 2m member with an 80k member.

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Thank you for your response @Gale.

  1. Power is unequal as we find it hard to recruit everyone at the same power. We have a few at 1.9M, but the average is around 1.5.
  2. We are at 25/25.

The issue we’re facing is that the majority of our members are not at 95, so no ruby team. Our opponent has 15 at 95. A lot of them even have level 95, top team of 150k, but a lot of level silver/gold 10 star level 40.

I feel like they sandbagged to be matched up with alliances like us instead of playing in their weight class.

Even a balanced alliance get punished in match making…it is just similar to coop pvps, so its just ur bad luck… & the harsh environment created by other alliances who depends on truce is also common these days, you can’t do anything in this match making prblm… Hope u’ll get lower alliances in next war or alliances who really don’t dePendent on truce… Have a great day.

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