It's requeste to HH about war

Please HH developer, it’s requeste, please dont calculate war matchmaking total alliance power, just calculate only top 20 Heroes power when matchmaking, because there are only use of remaining heroes to fill defense only, if you just calculate only 20 top heroes, it makes fair matchmaking, please​:pray::pray::pray::pray:


It will result in even more severe sandbagging that already alliances are doing


It’d be interesting, but easily exploitable. If my top 20 heroes are gold 5 stars, but ALL my heroes are gold 5 stars, I would easily beat any other team that only has their top 25 heroes as gold 5-stars.
I get where you’re coming from, tbh I mostly use my top 20 heroes to take over sectors too, but it would be exploited, as with most things in this game, and wouldn’t be fair. If you really want to use more then your top 20 heroes, join an alliance in a lower power bracket.
If you really feel like you are in over your head in AW, join a lower alliance until you feel like you are ready. The rewards will stay the way they are for a while, and will be easier to get once you are ready.


It means, war is new members game, and also Sandbagers game, because all old members are to overpower and new members are just upgrading war heroes only


I would like to remove the ability to build improvements in war. War coins can have a different use… such as 5k coin to rush a hero for another attack.

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